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The STV Favourite TV Series Competition 2018 - Nominations now closed

Update: 13th August — Nominations are now closed. Check back on Friday 17th August for the start of the competition!

Update: 6th August — Psych is a finished series. Timeless is a finished series — however, nominations with it in either category up until 5.30pm Eastern time on 6th August have been accepted.

Over the past eight years, SpoilerTV has strived to discover the fans' favourite television series. 2010 saw Supernatural take home the trophy. In 2011, the Winchester brothers retained their crown. Castle emerged as winner in 2012, before Supernatural regained the trophy in 2013 for its third triumph. Outlander came out of nowhere to become the competition's third victor in 2014. In 2015, Person of Interest dominated SpoilerTV's competitions and won the Favourite Series title and has since taken out a monopoly on the competition, retaining its trophy for the past two years.

Now, in 2018, the search begins once again. To whom will the spoils go? All eyes turn to the CBS sci-fi series to see if it can continue its inexplicably powerful form. But might another former champion taste glory again? Or will a new winner emerge?

Only time will tell.

But we need your help.

Out of the thousands of TV series there are, old and new, great or poor, we need just 64.

You can vote for your favourite two current TV series, and your favourite two finished TV series. The top 32 current TV series and the top 32 finished TV series will make the final 64.

You have until August 13th to enter your submissions in the form below.

We retain our adjusted parameters on what constitutes a current or a finished show, introduced last year. A current TV series is any show that has aired/will air new episodes after 31st July 2018. A finished TV series is any show that had aired its final episode on or before 31st July 2018. Therefore, a show like Breaking Bad would now be a finished TV series, whilst Game of Thrones would be classed as current. If you have any queries as to whether a show would be classed as current or finished, email me at bradley@spoilertv.com.

Notable shows (any others brought to my attention will be added to the top of the post and the bottom of the list):
-The X-Files is a finished series.
-Gilmore Girls is a finished series.
-Deadwood is a finished series.
-The Defenders is a finished series.
-Sherlock is a current series.
-Psych is a finished series.
-Timeless is a finished series — however, nominations with it in either category up until 5.30pm Eastern time on 6th August have been accepted.

NOTE: Only 1 submission per person. If you try to submit multiple times, ALL of your submissions will be removed.

Do not try to submit shows in the wrong category. If you try this, that part of your submission will not count. If you are unsure which category a show should go in, please ask.

Do not submit the same show twice (or more) in a nomination. If you do, that selection will not count.

Don't forget to cast your votes, spread the word of the competition, and most of all, tell us who you voted for in the comments below.

This year is going to be bigger than ever. I cannot wait.