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Quote of the Week, August 5-18

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

Better Call Saul - 
1. Howard: "Kim, I don't think that's fair-" Kim: FAIR?! Let's talk about fair! "Hey, let's have Jimmy dig around the fire-damaged wreck where his brother died SCREAMING! And then, let's have him pick up a keepsake or two!" That is so, so fair! And did I hear you right? You want him to serve on the board of a scholarship committee?! A scholarship that Chuck never in a million years would've given to Jimmy! NEVER! It is just, I mean... Oh, what's this too, Howard? What's in this? One last "SCREW YOU, LITTLE BROTHER" from beyond the grave?! Am I really supposed to do this to him?!" Howard: "All right, Kim. What can I do to make it better?" Kim: "Nothing. There is nothing you can do. Just stay away."
2. Gus: "I know what you've done. The Salamancas, they do not. Do you understand what I am saying? Look at me. From now on, You. Are. Mine." (Laura B)

Carter - 
1. Vijay: “Look I know this is going to sound extreme, but I literally can’t go back to Los Angeles without you.” Carter: “Just because these people rep Tom Cruise does not mean they control the border. Go home.”
2. Carter: “That’s your theory. That my housekeepers are secretly contract killers?” Vijay: “What’s your theory then?” Carter: “My theory is that your theory is stupid.” Vijay: “Well on the show you usually have a theory by now so who’s stupid?.” Carter: “Well on the show I also have my own trailer and a woman whose only job is to make me spicy tuna sandwiches.”
3. Carter’s mom: “If your life is a story, be the hero.” (Dahne)

Fear the Walking Dead - 
1. Morgan: "I never should have left. My friend ... I think he was right. It's where I belong, it's where I should be."
2. June: "Do you think the cabin's even still there?" John: "Well, I locked the door before I left."
3. Luciana: "Victor, I don't know what's left ... or to be ... what to fight for." Strand: "I see we've been asking ourselves the same questions. I'm at least gonna enjoy myself while I ask them." (DarkUFO)

Killjoys - 
1. Pip: "Do you seriously have no drinks that aren't alcoholic or have y'all just been drunk the entire time I've know you?" (Prpleight)

Sharp Objects - 
1. Adora: "I think she's overstayed her welcome."
2. Camille: "It's safer to be feared than loved." (DarkUFO and Laura B)
3. Ashley: "Fuck the lot of you. Fuck y'all." Partygoer: "Bye, child killer." (DarkUFO)

Shooter - 
1. Red Bama Sr.: "Pride has a way of warping men's thinking. It's how I convinced those fellows downstairs to fill tiki torches with explosives by telling them that they were losers because of people who don't look like them, instead of the actual truth, which is that they're losers." (Red Bama, Sr. explaining how he was able to manipulate a group of white supremacists into doing his dirty work. - Prpleight)

The Sinner - 
1. Vera: "Adam and Bess were not saving Julian, they were abducting him, but you never thought of that did you. Julian was defending himself."
2. Vera: "I've been reading about your work on the Cora Tanetti case. Harry: People tend to make more of that than they should." Vera: "My interpretation of that was you went beyond the call for her. Why did you do that?" Harry: "I could tell that she had a story." (DarkUFO)
3. Harry: "OK. Why didn't you report it?" Vera: "I've learned that to protect and to serve doesn't apply to Mosswood. I have my own resources." (DarkUFO and Laura B)

Trial & Error - 
1. Josh: “One for you, one for you, everyone’s been kissed…” as he tries to diffuse a situation between his two love interests, that only he finds awkward and just makes it even more akward.
2. Dwayne: “Oh god, I shot her! They taught us this at the academy. I gotta make it look like she shot first. Somebody shoot me.” - After the team walks in to find their suspect/witness dead after Dwayne had shot in the door to get in.
3. Dwayne: "If the condom fits, you and Nina did it...s." Josh: "I'm not putting on the condom." (JW Phillips)
4. Dwayne: "I was told my mom died two weeks before I was born." Anne: "Do the math." Dwayne: "No."
5. Dwayne: "Never had a parent show any interest in my work. My daddy was too busy riding the Tractor. The Tractor is what we called our neighbor 'cause she plowed everything."
6. Anne: "I have a condition called Alice in Wonderland Syndrome. Sometimes I perceive size distortions that make things seem bigger or smaller than they really are. Sometimes my husband likes it...and sometimes he really hates it." (Joey Hedrick)

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