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Marvel`s Cloak & Dagger - Collony Collapse - Review: "End Of The Road. . .For Now" + POLL

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And here are we. . . at the end of the road. Season 1 of Marvel`s Cloak & Dagger ended with a very comic-ish ending, wrapping most of their season 1 storylines and setting up the stage of season 2.

This certainly wasn`t the best episode the show delivered this season, mostly cause they stepped away from what made them unique. The groundedness and simplicity of their stories are what made the show stand out but this very comic book-ish or more like Arrowverse setting this episode had, wasn`t hitting a home run in my book.

Far from the fact that this episode was bad, it was just too action-packed with too many convenient moments. The mob getting infected with Triggers and the whole city laying on the shoulders of Tandy and Tyrone (and Brigit) seemed just too unrealistic. And before you all pull its "A show based on a Comic Book" card it wasn`t like that through the previous 9 episodes. The show was more based on emotions and real-life struggle.

A part that I found extremely good this episode was the side story of New Orleans. It didn`t work as well as last week`s Delgado monologue but it made the episode stand out and a nice lecture. It is a shame that they waited until the finale to make New Orleans part of the story. New Orleans is such a vibrant city and it should`ve played a bigger role in the story.

Tandy`s got out of her predicament from last week fairly easy. They should really dip a bit deeper into making Tandy a fighter next season, cause Olivia Holt looks so badass with those daggers and how she saws through people with it. Otherwise, Tandy and Mina worked really well this week. I love their quirky interaction and they play off each other very well. After it was revealed that Tandy could absorb the hope of others, I expected her to do the same to Scarborough this week. And while he didn`t deserve any mercy after the stuff he pulled on the city, it was terrifying to see his hope/lifeless body in that elevator.

Aubrey Joseph continued to impress this week. From him running away from the police, being captured, that phenomenal speech that almost got him and Brigid out of jail, the fight in the station, his scenes with Tandy through his final confrontation with Connors a completely top notch job. Tandy giving him his childhood hoody was such a powerful moment, I just wished he had her slippers that would be perfect. The way he and Tandy worked together to defeat the Tremors and Connor later, was very well directed and a pleasure to watch. Tyrone growing into his full powers and absorbing Connors with his cloak was completely unexpected for me as I wasn`t aware this was part of his Comic counterparts canon. That is certainly one of the aspects I am very excited to explore in season 2.

The emotional peak with both Tandy and Tyrone willing to sacrifice for the city just to save it with their combined power was exceptionally shot. A visual strong treat for every genre fan. The show ended with Tandy and Tyrone being in completely opposite positions compared to the start of the season. Tandy in the safe embrace of her mother/family, while Tyrone is on the run.

The season cliffhanger with Brigid emerging from the pond, obviously changed is a great set up for the next season. I was very disappointed that Connors prevailed over her once more but Brigid is coming back stronger and more dangerous than ever. Seems like Emily Lahana will rise into her characters Comic-book shoes next season, Mayhem is coming.

The final moments of the season were generally quite satisfying and created a great set up for Spring 2019 when the show will return for its sophomore run. What are your thoughts on the season 1 finale? Where you satisfied with how the story played out? Scroll down vote in our Poll and share your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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