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Killjoys - Baby, Face Killer - Review

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It speaks to the strength of Killjoys that they can have an episode revolving around a somewhat annoying child, yet still be watchable.

'Baby, Face Killer' sees baby Jaqobi now in his teens, though technically only two days old. The kid now being grown up means he is ready to be trained and by none other than Dutch.

The situation gives way to some interesting parallels. Dutch is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure Jaqobi Jr. can defend himself against the Lady, including involving him in a "torture party."Her style of training, of course, draws from her teacher, Khylen. D'avin goes so far as comparing the training to "child abuse." It's understandable why he would think that, but is he going too far? Is he being too overprotective of his child? Maybe. But you can't fault him for his concern.

The boy's heartfelt conversation with D'avin also made us realize the confusion that he faces having to fit into these group of complex humans, while in the midst of war. His question, 'What am I?', rang with such poignancy, but more resonant though was D'avin's simple but emotionally fuelled response, "you're my son." Though he probably didn't give the answer the young lad was looking for, those three words could not be any more perfect to at least console the lost child.

The episode was quite the showcase for Luke Macfarlane. From D'avin's more tender moments with Jaqobi Jr. to his tense argument with Dutch and of course his weekly humourous moments, Macfarlane was given the full range to showcase and his terrific performance is what drove this episode, annoying child and all.

There were other intriguing moments with everyone now seperated. The Fancy and Pree story was really for entertainment purposes, but nevertheless, more Pree and Fancy is always a positive. We know the children and Gared will eventually be rescued, though it does not take away from the intrigue of the story - what exactly are the Hullen are up to?

Elsewhere, the fearless Zeph again shows her tenacity in times of crisis, smartly fleeing with the now dangerous Pip away from the ship where he could harm Jaqobi Jr. to perform a spider-removing procedure. Kelly McCormack as Zeph was another MVP of this episode as we see her doing whatever it takes to cure Pip, only to fail. We then see her walls breaking down, the first sign of fear being shown when she is confronted with the truth that Pip will die once the spider dies. It is a sad moment no doubt.

Killjoys does not often give heartbreaking moments, but when it does like it did a few times in 'Baby, Face Killer,' it hits hard. Amidst it all is the storytelling, which continues to be engaging as always. Granted, there were more questions than answers - the importance of John to Dutch in stopping the Lady remains an intriguing mystery, while the Hullen seems to be making a move in bringing the Lady into the world. It is all slowly coming together and this episode compellingly laid the groundwork for what are sure to be an explosive final four episodes.


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