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Insecure - Better Like - Review

Our favorite girlfriends are back at that thing called life in the season three premiere of Insecure; Issa and Molly are trying to move forward from relationship and work drama. But the big question is: are they actually running away from it all or simply running in place?


Back from a fun-in-the- sun vacation, Molly seems ready to take charge of her career and her love life. In her words, she's "blipping, blamming and blapping" her boundaries like a boss. Negotiating contracts and side lining men that want too much, Molly was on point to making healthier choices for herself, but then of course here comes Dro.

Dro and his wife have an open marriage, which Molly has agreed to play a part in up until now. Though they are still sleeping together at the onset of this episode, we can see that her feelings about the situation are changing. She knows she is not getting everything she wants or deserves so she challenges Dro to correctly label their relationship.They both agree that just sex and no dating would be the best choice, so kicking him out of her place with no morning pancakes was the beginning to her date-free life with Dro.

Because Dro is Dro (who Issa hates now and so do I) he can't stick to the new status. Calling Molly to invite her to dinner was beyond bogus, but Molly's two steps back reaction to it was even worse. They hadn't had the conversation about their relationship that long ago, but she was already back at it with him. We all know what would have happened if she and Issa didn't get caught up in the Lyft fiasco. The phone call started it all, the dinner date, and then sex- that's the Dro merry-go-round we all thought Molly was trying to leave behind.

Missing the date was hands down the best thing that happened to Molly and her facial expressions seemed to convey that she was content with her decision to not call Dro up and try to make up for their missed plans.Though the scene was probably unavoidable, it was really irritating. Dro's refusal to let Molly be in a relationship with him on equal term disgusted me. He comes in her house uninvited then lectures her about staying out of his business with his wife. Whew chile! The audacity! He very clearly told her where she stands, so if Molly never had the strength to stop being Dro's side chick before, she better have it now.


Speaking of audacity- Daniel having loud sex while Issa was trying to sleep on the couch was a little out of control. I struggled with feeling upset with him versus bad for him. I know he still loves Issa and if she were willing, he'd probably jump right in with her. But because she isn't, is he trying to punish her? I don't know. Femininity is hard enough. Decoding masculinity- I just can't. But drowning our relationship sorrows in other relationships isn't unique to either sex so....
The question Daniel posed to her about why she was really there did make Issa look a little messy too. She has several female friends she could have stayed with, but she chose to look to Daniel. Her answer wasn't sufficient for me to believe that something isn't still brewing from her side.

We Got Ya'll is the best, worst non-profit organization title I've ever heard. With that alone, I can't see how Issa continues to work there. And now that she's pretty much being shunned, I really can't relate. But sometimes we have to stay in those spaces to create real change, right? It's gotta be hard though. Even when her motives are clear she is being treated badly as a continuation of punishment for her antics last season. How long can she survive there without blowing her top? Will the uncomfortability in her work life push her to find a career that will sustain her and allow her to be independent? The Lyft gig seemed to be helping out- who couldn't use a $50 tip or a $250 bonus for a drive?

Things I Was Thinking....

-Issa looking for a mirror to rap in was hilarious. The little hand held mirror was about to do the trick until Daniel walked in. LOL

-Dro's "Don't worry about what me and my wife do" speech was wild!

-The sound track!!!! Where can I find it?

-Daniel and Issa- I think I ship it!

Catch Insecure on Sunday nights on HBO. As always sound off in the comments below and thanks for reading.

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