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Better Call Saul - Breath - Review

Breath, written by Thomas Schnauz and directed by Michelle MacLaren. The same team that brought us some of the greatest Breaking Bad episodes including, One Minute and Shotgun.

The teaser opened with Gus's team looking over Don Hector's medical chart to see if there was anything else that could be done. The doctor from Mexico was with Gus, he mentioned that Don Hector is receiving the best care at this hospital. The doctor told Gus a better hospital such as Johns Hopkins might make a difference or maybe not. Gus wants Don Hector to suffer and to know what is happening to him, a stroke just won't do. Gus decided to take over Don Hector's care by bringing a Doctor over from John Hopkins. She decided to change Don Hector's treatment up by remapping his brain to try and stimulate each body part.

Kim was woken up by the grinding sound of a juicer machine at the crack of dawn. Kim got out of bed and walked to the kitchen, Jimmy was being Jimmy, wide awake, had eaten his breakfast sandwich, and all packed ready to go out job hunting. Kim sat at the counter, she caught Jimmy just before he was about to leave. Kim told Jimmy that it's ok to take a minute or two before he starts looking for a job, his brother just died. Jimmy was determined to pull his own weight and not be a distraction for Kim, after all, she is now working out of the house.

Since Don Hector is out of commission Nacho has a sigh of relief, that maybe his father is safe. He goes to his father's shop to tell him that it's over, but his father doesn't want to hear it, he walks away. Nacho's father reaches under the counter for the cash box to get the money that Don Hector gave him for using his business as a drug front. Nacho told him to keep it, no one will be looking for the money. His father, in the light, Nacho stands in the dark, lays out the money like Don Hector did when they first met. No words were spoken, only the feeling of a father's disappointment. Nacho took the money and walked off. His father quickly followed and asked when will it be over for Nacho. Soon.

Jimmy arrives at his first job interview, a copy shop, not the best choice for Jimmy. He walks in the door, he was confident, Jimmy knows copiers, he worked in a mail room. Plus Jimmy's a master at falsifying documents! One of the interviewers took him on a tour of the office, showing him old photographs of the company's history. They walk over to the trophy case and Jimmy notices something familiar, a hummel. Jimmy charms the hell out of the men during the interview with his lawyer joke and his ability to sell himself. They told Jimmy that they will get back to him in a week with a decision. Jimmy walked out satisfied, for a second, then walked back in asking for another word. He walks in and starts on a rant, fast-talking like a well-oiled machine ca-chunk ca-chunk ca-chuck. Jimmy was on a roll telling the men that they would be wasting their time if they took another week when they could just hire him right then and there. It worked, the men were convinced that Jimmy was the right man for the job and he should start right away. Jimmy couldn't believe it, his little song and dance worked on these two knuckleheads. He felt sorry for them and walked out. The two men stood there in shock, they couldn't believe what happen.

Mike took his granddaughter to the park, while Kaley was on the swings, Mike got a phone call and he needed to leave right away. This time Mike does not leave his granddaughter at the park. The phone call came from Lydia, she heard what Mike has been up at Madrigal and wasn't happy. Lydia wanted to know, why? Mike is getting his money for doing nothing, she told him to just sit back and enjoy it. Mike told Lydia he believes that raises more question, now there's a face to the name. They are in a game of chicken, who will break first.

While Jimmy went off job hunting he skipped out on an important meeting at HHM, which involved Chuck's will. Kim decided she would go on his behalf, plus Kim had a few things she needed to discuss with Howard. When Kim arrived, Rebecca was in Howard's office. Chuck had left Rebecca the house and property. Regarding Jimmy, Howard handed Kim an envelope, an agreement letter, Kim knew what the letter involved. Chuck left Jimmy five thousand dollars, just enough for him not to contest the will. Chuck also left a large amount to fund a scholarship, Howard was hoping Jimmy would serve on the board. Kim was mad, and that just added fuel to the fire. Rebecca was uncomfortable, she thanked Howard and told Kim to give Jimmy her best. Howard offered to walk her out but Kim mentioned that they have a few more things to discuss. Howard had no idea that Kim was about to blow up at him, which made it even better. Kim, trying to be the best and most protective girlfriend towards Jimmy told Howard what the hell was he thinking, telling Jimmy on the day of his brother's funeral that he thinks Chuck killed himself. Howard stood by his reason, he thought he owned it to Jimmy. Kim shot back, did you think you owed it to Rebecca. Kim's frustration kept building with Howard's every responds. In the end, Howard just wanted to make things right. Kim told him to stay away, there's nothing he could do.

When Jimmy got home, he was ready to eat and watch either White Heat or Jaws 3 - D with his lady. For a brief second, Kim thought about giving Jimmy the letter from Chuck but decided against it. They sat down to watch the movie and basically lied to each other about their day. Kim, however, wanted to show Jimmy that he was loved and expected. Afterward, Jimmy couldn't sleep so he got out of bed and started to search the internet. The hummel that he noticed during his job interview gave him an idea, he looked up the price and it's worth over eight thousand dollars, unbelievable! Jimmy walks outside and makes a call, he's got a job for Mike.

Nacho and Arturo went to the Los Pollos Hermanos warehouse to pick up the five bricks of drugs. Arturo had it set in his mind that they're getting six instead of the agreed amount of five. Nacho agreed to back him up, but knew it was a bad idea. They get the six, but not without threatening to use force. As Nacho and Arturo leave the parking lot, Gus and some of this guys sneak up behind them and put a plastic bag over Arturo's head. Was it to get back at him for taking the extra brick, no it was to send Nacho a message. You don't get in the way of Gus's plans. Having to watch Arturo suffocate, was more painful than watching him get shot in the head. Nacho now belongs to Gus.

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