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BALLERS - This Is Not Our World - Review

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BALLERS - Episode 33 - This Is Not Our World

Spencer Strasmore walks through a cemetery carrying a six pack of Bud Light tallboys. He stops at his brothers grave site and examines the headstone. He takes a beer out, opens it and pours one out for his brother. Shockingly he launches into a tirade of insults and accusations against his deceased sibling. He really goes for it and for a moment I actually questioned where they were going with the character of Spencer Strasmore because of the ferocity in which Dwayne played the scene. But then the earth began to shake and instantly I knew we were in a dream. OK. That makes sense then. Spence is exhibiting dream logic. The ground cracks open and BOOM Spencer wakes up in bed. The look on his face suggests he wonders what the hell he was doing as well as me. Hell of a gotcha! opening.

At a beautiful looking skateboard park Spencer and Joe walk towards the base camp of a giant video shoot. The footage looks amazing and they have a Matrix ring rig set up! The fellas think the video looks a bit extravagant and big budget. They worry their new business partner may still have beef from what happened with Parker the surfer last episode. The fellas speak with Lance but he basically blows them off as he's too busy directing to deal with them. Spence leaves to get visiting Vernon and Reggie. They're visiting because their old high school is retiring Vernon's number. Lance is a jerk so Joe heads off to craft service for some grub. Welcome to LA.

Spencer meets Vernon, Reggie and some mafioso types coming out of a private jet on a tarmac. Reggie immediately has a bad attitude and can't believe he's back home. He cynically predicts everyone is going to have their hand out for Vernon's cash. Spencer actually agrees a little with Reggie and suggests caution.

Super agent Jason is on a nice boat back in Miami with his girlfriend Donna, Kisan and a girl who he tells Jason is definitely not his girlfriend. After some chit chat and then some swearing to secrecy he reveals to Jason that Jason's girlfriend once fucked Tiger Woods. He doesn't seem to take the news all that well.

At Glendale Colleg Ricky Jerret and TTD show up to work out for Charles Greane and his twitchy assistant. Ricky says he's ready! Ready to hit those routes! Ricky runs routes and catches and drops a lot of footballs. He isn't as sharp as he used to be. Perhaps a little rust from not playing in a while. He reveals he's on "happy pills" to Charles and tells him he's doing just great! Charles suggests they move to the 40 yard dash. Ricky runs it and knowing he did a slow time just keeps going, heading off to his Lambo to head home. TTD and Charles lament the Ricky of old which leads Charles to declare that "comebacks aint easy".

Back at Sport X a concerned Joe stops in to see the accountant about the budget for the skate video. Holy shit it's actress Grace Zabriskie! I love her and she will always be Mrs. Palmer to me. She is hilarious in her little role as CPA here and, all while dangling a cigarette, helps Joe out by showing him the top secret budget. Uh oh its over 1 million dollars! Lance is spending the new money like its water. Joe demands that no one else gets any money unless he or Spencer approve it. Enid nods and hits her vape pen as Joe walks away.

Spencer, Vernon, and Reggie arrive at the fellas old high school and are greeted by a damn Ghostbuster! Mr. Ernie Hudson guests stars as the old Principal Mr. Haggerty. Spencer has to step away to take a a call from Joe. They discuss the cost of the video and how Lance is screwing with them. They decide to go talk to him. Spencer excuses himself and takes off to head towards Joe. Mr. Haggerty leads Vernon and Reggie on a tour of the old place and plays up the old asbestos and the old chairs and the old everything. Reggie has no sympathy and says tough times builds character.

Ricky and TTD arrive at their home and find Amber there. She proceeds to read them the riot act and pick apart Ricky's lies. He fesses up to her and admits he went and tried out for Charles and the Rams. She is super pissed he straight up lied to her and storms off. TTD has the greatest line ever when he says to the shell shocked Ricky, " ain't ever gonna win that. Pussy is undefeated. It's undefeated." Damn, such a wise sage. He should get that printed on a t-shirt.

Joe and Spencer are back in the vintage Jaguar and are driving through the desert to find Lance. The have a long conversation about how fucked up mentally they both are. Joe suggests Spencer should go through rehab. Spence tells him he's not addicted to pills and booze, he Enjoys them. Big difference. He's not depressed, just tortured. His bro's suicide really messed him up, as evidenced by the dream in the beginning of the episode. Joe sympathizes and tells him maybe he should do what he did when his wife died, which is to take a mental picture of your loved one and lock it away deep inside your mind. Spence points out how fucked up an idea that is and Joe points out thats true.

Back at the school Mr. Haggerty continues to show the boys the campus. After seeing how messed up the place is Vernon and Reggie decide to help out and give 5K to the school. Mr. Haggerty is appreciative.

Jason and his girlfriend get back to his apartment. He can't take it any more and confronts her with the knowledge that Kisan told him she fucked Tiger Woods. She says well yeah Duh, which does not go over well. She was waiting tables at the waffle house and he asked her out. Jason gets pissed. She wants to take off but he reveals to her that the reason its so upsetting to him is because he loves her. She says she loves him too and they begin to kiss and make up. Awwww. True love.

Joe and Spencer finally arrive at the house party in the desert and its going off. Lance has people everywhere including a door man who can't find the guys names on the list. Spencer helps him out by crumpling the list into a ball in front of him.

Mr. Haggerty address students and parents assembled at the football field during Vernon's number retiring ceremony. He praises Vernon and Reggie and surprises them by renaming the field after Vernon. Reggie has a little change of heart and feels like they could increase the amount of money they're giving. The band plays a boring band song for Vernon until the big man interrupts and takes the mic as Reggie records on his phone. He declares himself to be a man of action and tells the assembly he's actually donating 1 Million dollars to the school. Holy shit! Everyone goes crazy. Including Reggie, but not in a good way. Vernon then gets the band to play something different, in pure joy they launch into "Aint Nuthin But A G Thang" and everyone gets down in celebration. Everyone except for Reggie. He can't believe what just happened but Vernon loves the adulation and just waves him off.

As Spencer and Joe walk through the raging party they discuss drugs and their pros and cons. They find Lance and discuss the skate video. It does not go well. Spencer explains that they feel as if the excessive budget for the video was a direct result of their situation with Parker and that he is being insubordinate. Lance basically says Yes, you're right. I am taking your money and extravagantly using it. And I am going to do it again and again. I can do whatever I want, you feel me? In a great move The Rock nods, steps forward so that his foot is on top of Lance's open toe sandal and asks "you feel me?". Lance nods and says yes and ow ow, ow over and over in a funny play by Russell there. Spencer says good, you're fired! BOOM! Fade to Black! Cliffhanger!

Well Spencer has made a bold move and we'll have to see how it plays out as you can't have that bad apple in the cart so it makes sense, but now he's in charge of a Extreme Sports outfit. Good luck with that.

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