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Younger - Sex, Liza and Rock and Roll/A Christmas Miracle - Double Review

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Welcome back Younger fans. This review will be a double because of chance and also because the two episodes bookended the saga that is Charles and Liza quite nicely. There was a turning point in both installments that led to a moment Charles and Liza shippers have been patiently waiting for! Additionally Kelsey and her situation with Jake and Zane got way more complicated and Diana is making it work with Enzo which I am very happy about! Without further ado, let's dive in.

Sex, Liza and Rock and Roll

Nothing in TV helps a strained dynamic like sending the two characters involved away together so they can't run away from their issues or in this case, Charles can't. The outing also wasn't chalked full of the angst and drama that has plagued these two since Charles found out about Liza, it was funny and they both had to loosen some inhibitions in order to get the book from Chrissy. The final scene with Charles standing at Liza's door had me shouting, 'just go in!!!!', but at the same time that might have caused more issues because I believe Charles would have regretted anything that happened in that moment. Liza getting the book from Chrissy and walking confidently and proudly into Charles' office and saying that she wasn't afraid seemed to be the turning point they both needed. Liza was done apologizing for something Charles has made clear that he is not going to expose. She laid her cards out on the table with one simple sentence and the ball is in his court on where this will go.

Kelsey's plate is full
What does everyone think of Jake so far? I am starting to see some huge red flags about him and it is also making Kelsey less of the ball buster that I am used to. She takes a more soft approach when his chapters come through and are not up to snuff. Zane however is not so delicate and says it like it is....the writing needs to be better. Jake is so distracted with what he and Kelsey are to each other that the work is suffering. Some of this in my opinion is on her because she is letting her attraction sway her focus, but Jake is being incredibly manipulative towards her because he wants to define the relationship. I don't see this ending well for getting the final book product. This episode also makes it more and more clear to me that Zane needs to get out of his own way and tell Kelsey how much he actually feels for her. The game of cat and mouse was fun at first, but now it is bleeding into their careers and that is not a good thing for two incredibly driven individuals. Putting the professional implications aside, I do agree with Lauren here when she told a guilt filled Kelsey that men constantly string several women along, so she should just enjoy what she is doing. I also don't blame these two guys for being so taken with her, because Kelsey is a dang catch... She is smart, independent, driven and charming.

Diana and Enzo
We have the drama with Charles and Liza, the growing tension with Jake, Kelsey and Zane but my favorite couple these last couple of episodes is Diana and Enzo. He is so great for her, and this episode she was to venture outside of her Manhattan safe spot and to Enzo's Staten Island abode where she met her match in the form of his tough Italian mother. Diana is never one to be intimidated, and this was no different as Enzo's mom hurled some insults her way in their native tongue, Diana then used her signature moxie and unknown ability to speak Italian to fire back and show this woman that she was not to be messed with either. It was a really great moment and one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Some odds and ends

* I felt for Josh when it looked like a dagger pierced his heart when Kelsey told him that Liza was away with Charles. I think the friendship overtures that Liza has made has brought some feelings back up. Josh has never been truly over Liza, I mean he married a stranger to cleanse himself of her presence. Liza on the other hand seems to have moved on and Josh is heading straight for heartbreak.

* Maggie got a GALLERY OPENING!!! I was so happy and proud of her. I was a bit disappointed she and Diana didn't actually converse, I was looking forward to that.

A Christmas Miracle

I am always down for a good Christmas episode during the dog days of summer and this one was great if you are on board the SS Charles and Liza! After the reveal of who Liza is, I often thought the biggest breakthrough that Charles would need to see all of Liza was him viewing her through the lens of her being a mother. By a sweet twist of Christmas fate straight out of Rom-Com Charles ended up at party that Liza is attending with her daughter and stain of an ex. The three are swayed into performing their annual sing song from Sound of Music much to Liza'a chagrin. This gets going right as Charles walks in and he sees something he'd never saw before, Liza as a mom. It was also hilarious that the hosts of the party had been trying to se the two up for months. In that moment all the anger seemed to wash away when he saw Caitlin and how much Liza means to her and vice-versa, she had verbalized why she lied but that wasn't enough, Charles needed to SEE her being the woman in her forties who lied but did it for all the right reasons. I believe Charles now sees every side of Liza and in that moment, forgiveness and understanding wash over him which leads to the second most Rom-Com moment ever when he shows up on Liza's stoop and says 'I don't care anymore' and they have their first REAL kiss. Sure they have done that before but now the barriers are down and they are just them, which is why I still applaud the writers for having the secret come out before their relationship took this turn because it is real and they have their turn to see how this relationship will work.

Mistletoe er poinsettia disaster
Kelsey's mixing of business and pleasure comes to a head this week and I only see one poor sport in the whole thing, JAKE. Yes Kelsey didn't tell him about Zane, but he is being extremely annoying by going to Charles once he sees Zane and Kelsey kiss at the Christmas party. He was able to break through and write good chapters thanks to Kelsey and now because he is mad, he wants to have Millennial publish the book and wants Zane off of it. This is the adult equivalent of standing in the quad and declaring the girl you are crushing on is off limits. I am over Jake and want him to get his book done for Millennial's sake, but I hope this gives her pause about their personal dynamic. I do understand that some of this is on Kelsey, she should have been more up front about the nature of her relationship with both men, but Jake pursued her initially and made it seem he could handle both.

Literal Handcuffs
Maggie's art show was a roaring success and her entire collection was gobbled up by a woman named Penelope and her husband Luca. They give her a sweet gift of gold bracelets which is not so sweet because they are basically handcuffs. Yes, this couple now believes they own Maggie and she meets the other 'collection' of artists they've acquired. Once the overtures about trips she must go on and that now she is basically exclusive to them and her art would be chilling in a warehouse, Maggie pulls out that signature Brooklyn attitude and tells them that NO ONE owns her. I was proud of her but also a bit sad, she is a talented artist and every time she pulls ahead professionally, something strange like this happens.

Other odds and ends

* Caitlin is team Josh and I fear that her telling him not to give up is going to lead to so much sadness for Josh like I discussed above. Josh is once again heading for heartbreak city now that Charles and Liza are seemingly on the romance track.

* How sweet was Diana this episode? From loving the Christmas tree Enzo brought that she was a first reluctant about to gifting Liza one of her signature over-the-top jewelry numbers and finally, getting choked up at Liza's handmade knitwear gift. I love this woman more and more with each season and this one has made her more soft and less rigid.

So what did you think of these episodes? Are you happy Charles and Liza are now sailing? What do you think Josh will do do when he finds out or even more scary, Pauline? What should Kelsey do about Jake? And do you think Diana and Enzo can go the distance? Let me know!

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