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Younger - Episode 5.07 - A Christmas Miracle - Sneak Peek, Promotional Photos + Synopsis

Sneak Peek

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Promotional Photos


It's Christmas in New York; Liza celebrates with Caitlin; Kelsey finds herself caught up in a web of her own making; Charles makes up his mind.


Also, three new synopses.

Episode 5.08 - 5.10 - Synopsis

Episode 5.08 - The Bubble

After the holidays, Liza adjusts to a new normal; Maggie confronts buried issues; Kelsey course-corrects her love life.

Episode 5.09 - Honk if You're Horny

Liza and Kelsey find themselves at odds when a self-made billionaire pitches a book on power to Millennial; Lauren proves her worth.

Episode 5.10 - Girls on the Side

Liza is distressed when she meets Caitlin's middle-aged boyfriend; Diana refuses to back down from a challenge; Josh rebrands.