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The Originals - The Tale Of Two Wolves - Review + POLL

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This week on The Originals, Klaus and Elijah take Hope to Mystic Falls in the hopes that Caroline’s twins will be able to save Hope, who won’t make it past her first transformation that night. While Klaus tries to convince Caroline and Alaric, Elijah takes care of Hope who seems to have given up. When Hope passes out she sees her mother and is finally able to say goodbye. She undergoes her first transformation as the twins take the Hollow from her and put in into Klaus while Elijah, who was too late to stop him, looks on. 

Throwback Wednesday: There were so many hints to The Vampire Diaries in this episode, after a while I lost count. The crew certainly put a lot of effort in developing sets for a spin-off that hadn’t even been greenlit at the time. It sort of felt like a backdoor pilot. I think I’d actually recommend this episode to people planning to tune in to Legacies but haven’t seen this show. We met a few new characters like Landon who I believe will also be in the spin-off. But it was nice to hear those little hints from Dr. Elena Gilbert to a nod to Jenna. 

Full circle: Klaus really has come a long way from when we first met him. I’m going to get into this more next week but I wanted to touch on this week’s events. As Caroline pointed out, there was a point when she tried to imprison him at the bottom of the ocean. And here he is offering the same willingly. We’ve seen Klaus change so much over the years that I almost forgot what he was like at the beginning of this show. I was outraged when Alaric shot him, having forgotten who Klaus is to the people that haven’t seen him in 15 years. But Klaus came to them because they’re his last hope to save his daughter, even if it means it’ll cost him his life. I know Caroline sees the change in him as well, which is why she’s drawn to him again. Part of me wants to hate this pair, as I did on The Vampire Diaries (even though there was a time that I shipped it) but they’ve both changed so much, it’s almost like it’s not even the same couple anymore. At least, that’s how it feels to me. So I’m fine with it if it happens, because you know that wasn’t the last we’ve seen of Caroline. 

Oh, honey: Hope is a smart girl. She knows what she’s feeling and she knows why her father is looking at her like that. It really doesn’t take a genius to figure it out and I honestly can’t believe no one had told her by then. She’d just looked so defeated. It didn’t help that she was still carrying around the guilt of her mother’s death, that she almost felt like she deserved this. We’re so used to dealing with these ancient vampires that have a thousand years of experiences under their belt that we forget that Hope is only a 15-year old kid who’s been through hell lately and she’s scared. I’m glad she finally got to say goodbye to her mother and that it gave her back the will to live. 

Most interesting relationship: Hope’s relationship with her uncle Elijah had certainly taken a turn for the worse lately, though I can’t really remember them ever being very close. But after Hayley’s death, Hope has been carrying around a lot of anger towards him. So it was interesting to see them interact this week. They’re both in a similar place right now, both carrying around a lot of guilt. Both for the part, they played in her mother’s death and Elijah probably also feels guilty for what Hayley’s death has done to Hope. Like Hope, he also feels like he deserves to die which is why he offered to take Klaus’ place. Because if he didn’t then Hope would also lose her dad. 
1 left: Can you believe there’s only 1 episode left of this show. If this review feels a bit on the short side, it’s because I’m saving a lot of stuff for the final review, which will be long and will take a bit longer to upload. As for speculating about what may happen, it’s a bit difficult as many of us have already read those spoilers that have been circulating for a while now, myself included because they were just unavoidable. But I guess it’s fair to state the obvious. I highly doubt they kill off Klaus, despite the fact that I once believed it would be the only way they could end this show because killing off another one of Hope’s parents would ruin that kid beyond repair. And then how would they do a spin-off? I’m hoping we get some more family stuff with Rebekah and Kol. I would love a cameo of Finn, through a flashback or something. I just hope that the finale isn’t too much about setting things up for Legacies. I feel that a lot of events this season were to set up the spin-off, which is a disservice to the fans of this show. After 5 years, we deserve a true finale and a true tribute to the show. You’ll have months to promote your new show, just let us say goodbye to this one first. 

Best quotes: Elijah: “Wouldn’t it be better for you to find someone Hope despises a little less than me. Perhaps quite literally anyone else she’s ever met.” 
Hope: “Spoiler alert, dad is the villain and you’re the evil henchman.” Elijah: “From 1 very biased perspective.” 
Caroline: “No to the phones, maybe to the dance and yes to defying the patriarchy 1 plaid skirt at a time.” 
Klaus: “Very impressive system. Secure, I’m sure if you’re a baby werewolf navigating puberty. But I’m a little past that.” 
Hope: “I don’t want to fight anymore. I can’t save my dad. Okay? I’m not a savior. If anything, I’m a murderer.” Elijah: “Listen to me. The man in the church was not your fault.” Hope: “I’m talking about my mom.” Elijah: “Your mother was not your fault. If anything, it was mine. Now you blame me.” Hope: “Guess what? I’ve tried. No matter how I look at it, it’s my responsibility. Roman and his mom were afraid of me. I was the one who kidnapped her in the first place. I left her to be taken.” Elijah: “This family needs you. We need you and you are going to survive.” Hope: “Why? I’ve spent my entire life trying to get our family back together and, if anything, I ruined it. Okay. I broke it. So, please, just let me go because I’m tired. I’m so tired. And, if anything, I just want my mom. I just want my mom.” 
Hope: “I’m so sorry for everything that happened and I can’t forgive myself.” Hayley: “ Well too bad. Because I forgive you. I forgive you, Hope. And I know that you’re scared. And I know that you’re sad. And that’s okay. What happened this year was about hatred and ugliness that was born long before you and long before me. I need you to fight this, Hope. Wake up!” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for the final review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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