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Scene Of The Week - July 29, 2018 + POLL

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A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in past seven days on TV.

CASTLE ROCK, "Local Color", July 25, 2018, Actors: Melanie Lynskey and more, The Scene: Molly stumbles upon children performing a dark mock trial
Laura B:
Castle Rock is off to a good start being so reminiscent of earlier Stephen King film adaptations and a solid cast full of just the right amount of small town drama and psychological horror. I chose this scene, because of the creepy children of the corn factor, but also the juxtaposition with Molly being the one to find these kids considering we learn what she did to Henry's father as a child.

CLOAK & DAGGER, "Back Breaker", July 26, 2018, Actors: Aubrey Joseph, Gloria Reuben, The Scene: Tyrone and his mother talk
It took me a minute, when I started watching this show, to realize that the source of Tyrone's pain was the lack of communication with his parents. He has all but begged for them to help him deal with his grief. These three people all seem to be suffering alone rather than getting through it as a family. Finally, Tyrone's mother, Adina, agrees to answer his questions. She tells him the truth about why they handled his brother's death the way they did. It was a frank real world truth that I would never have heard on national television when I was Tyrone's age. I dare to hope that it can inspire real world change as well. Adina reveals that they understood that fighting for the truth could cost them their only remaining child then and now. I also came to understand why they couldn't explain this to him when he was 9. Tyrone, being one of the heroes of the show, can't abide the idea that protecting himself is more important than affecting change, if only for his own kids. I couldn't help but think of men like Martin Luther King Jr. or Medgar Evers having this conversation with their families. It was a powerful scene performed beautifully by Gloria Reuben and Aubrey Joseph with some of the best dialogues, for me, of the week.

COLONY, "What Goes Around", July 25, 2018, Actors: Josh Holloway, Sarah Wayne Callies and more, The Scene: Final Scene
Laura B:
Although it was hard to watch the final episode of the season knowing now it's most likely the last ever episode, given the cancelation coming from last week, it didn't stop me from enjoying the set-up for what would have probably been Colony's fourth and final season. I loved its gutsy choice to separate the Bowmans and leave their fates in such dire circumstances, as Katie is stuck outside the defense grid about to receive blowback from a huge blast, Will prepares and gets into a pod to be sent to the front lines, and Bram and Gracie watch the defense grid shield blasts from above! This season has been such a vast improvement, making premium cable storytelling moves and giving a much richer tapestry of memorable heavy recurring characters, mythology, and plots, while retaining earlier themes. It would be so nice if Netflix could save it just for a shorter final season, but given their recent list of new shows and the saving of Lucifer, I am doubtful we're going to be so lucky this time around.

NASHVILLE, "Beyond the Sunset", July 26, 2018, Actors: Hayden Panettiere, Jonathan Jackson
The Scene: Avery and Juliette reconcile
Klutzy girl:
I absolutely loved that he showed up on her farm because he loves her and can't live without her. Going off with their daughter (and unborn child) was a thrilling and satisfying conclusion, even if I wish we'd gotten to see more of them together in the finale.

SALVATION, "White House Down", July 23, 2018, Actors: Tovah Feldshuh, Sasha Roiz and more, The Scene: President Mackenzie confronts faux President Bennett
I love President Mackenzie in this entire episode but she was never more forceful than in those final confrontation moments with faux President Bennett. Throughout the episode she refused to abandon The Oval Office, and even after Bennett and his men held them at gunpoint in the room she was still defiant. And when Bennett was finally exposed as the false president and his soldiers were confused as to who to take orders from she stepped up and gave the definitive order “Gentlemen, arrest that son of a bitch!” There was no doubt then who is the president and she was in charge!

SHARP OBJECTS, "Fix", July 22, 2018, Actors: Amy Adams, Eliza Scanlen
The Scene: Camille follows Amma to family Hog Farm
Laura B:
What's to say, this scene was just so unsettling! Also picked by DJRiter

THE 100, "The Dark Year", July 24, 2018, Actors: Marie Avgeropoulos, Henry Ian Cusick and more, The Scene: Octavia takes away people's choice
It's such a horrifying scene. It's painful to watch, intense and truly heartbreaking. For everyone involved. When some of the people refuse the new source of food, Octavia feels like she's run out of the options and is forcing them to change their minds. All she wants in this moment is to protect her people and yet in order to save most she's left with the impossible decision to kill the few. And we can actually see the exact moment when she breaks. Her desperate plea to the people to "just take a bite", her shaking voice and tears in the eyes - she's falling apart but at the same time she's a force to be reckoned with. She takes people's choice away, bringing herself down to help them cope with their actions. Marie Avgeropoulos is incredible during the scene (and the episode). But the moment is not just about Octavia. The viewers can see the pain and horror in all the people gathered in the bunker - the ones who simply can't bring themselves to eat and the ones forced to watch the consequences that follow. And then there's Kane. His will breaks with every shot and he decides to go against himself to save as many lives as possible. And then the dark year truly begins for all. Such a chilling story. Kudos to the entire cast for their amazing performances.
Ellys: Octavia takes responsibility. The power of an effective leader lies in being strong enough to take on the burden of making decisions for other people. And bearing whatever consequences follow. When Octavia saw that people wouldn't be able to bring themselves to survive at all costs, she took their choice and their guilt away. Watching that scene was like watching an entire forest burning down. Horrifying but spellbinding all at once.

THE BOLD TYPE, "Plan B", July 24, 2018, Actors: Siobhan Murphy, Aisha Dee, Melora Hardin, The Scene: Cleo confronts Kat
Cleo confronts Kat over her video and Jacqueline puts Cleo in her place. Given how incredibly annoying Cleo is, I'm starting to believe we're supposed to actively dislike her and that made this scene extremely fun. Kat being Kat would of course find a loophole in fulfilling her professional obligations, AND outing the company for the causes it supports. Jacqueline is more than aware that Kat can fend for herself, and she certainly was handling herself well in the argument, revealing the info on the company was legit and an exposé had gone live. Of course Jacqueline couldn't resist digging in and explaining to Cleo that this is why they don't do advertising. Since Cleo was first introduced, she's been a thorn in Jacqueline's side. She has some good ideas, but the way she goes about them doesn't add up and she likes to think she knows better than Jacqueline when she obviously doesn't. Cleo very much took Jacqueline's dig the way it was intended, and that sly smile Kat had as she was trying to hide her joy at Cleo being outsmarted was delightful.

TRIAL & ERROR, "The Murder Clock", July 26, 2018, Actors: Nicholas D'Agosto, Jayma Mays and more, The Scene: Everyone awaits whether or not Mickey Moose saw his breath
Everyone anxiously awaiting whether or not Mickey Moose saw his breath. It just so perfectly encapsulates how ridiculous this town (and the show, for that matter - and I say that with love) is. The goofy hats made the whole scene that much funnier.

WYNONNA EARP, "When You Call My Name", July 27, 2018, Actors: Shamier Anderson, Melanie Scrofano and more, The Scene: Dolls sacrifices himself
Oh man! As always Wynonna Earp brought its A game. Between Wynonna trying her hardest to keep hold of the rope and stop Nicole from dying, even if that meant she ended up going over, to Waverly hobbling about trying desperately to be useful, Dolls fighting Bulshar's henchmen and him warning Wynonna that one life would be lost, this scene absolutely gutted me. Dolls may not be everyone's favourite character, but there's no denying he had a good heart and was all about the greater good. He knew that his time was up, and if he had to go out, then of course he's going out by taking Bulshar's henchman with him and enabling Waverly & Wynonna to save Nicole. It was excellent acting all round from the cast.

YOUNGER, "A Christmas Miracle", July 24, 2018, Actors: Peter Hermann, Sutton Foster
The Scene: Charles tells Liza he doesn't care anymore (picked by Ellys)

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