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Queen Of The South- El Juicio - Advance Preview - "Ship Goes Boom"

After the break neck pace of the first four episodes, Queen of the South's "El Juicio" slows  this season's story line down with a bottle episode. But don't lull yourself into thinking this episode is filler! What it lacks in plot progression, it well and truly makes up for in characterization. 

Previously on Queen Of The South...

- Teresa secures a safe passage for her drugs in Arizona

- Camilla is sleeping with the frenemy Det Alonzo

- James is looking for redemption in Teresa's arms business.

- The weird bs with Camilla and the General is getting weirder by the minute

Known Intel about "El Juicio"

- An old enemy lays siege to Teresa's new Phoenix winery; in defending her business, she finds passion with an old friend.

-Devon returns into the mix

Secret Snippets and Quotes

- We get to see how Teresa's "Rising Snowbird" operation works and it makes Heisenberg's look like a child playing with his chemistry set.

- Whoever is in charge of the music this season deserves and award because all the tracks this ep are pure gold.

- With the return of Devon, "Priscilla" and Teresa's girl gang, the rich network of characters is on full display this episode.

- Speaking of the "rich network" of characters, the interactions between Pote and Kelly Ann this episode are a delight to watch and both characters come out of the episode stronger.

- Devon is just as cool, calm and ruthless as we know him to be and he's looking to kill two birds with one stone.

- Camilla and Det Alonzo's relationship hits it erhm climax and how it leaves Camilla leaves me with mixed emotions.

- The General is still at his games and i'm honestly still confused about whether his underlying feeling for Camilla are true but honestly he's still not worth of our Dona.

"better a boy than a dog"

and because it deserves it's own category... 

Jeresa Watch!


- As one would guess with his return, there's more to James' assignment with Devon than we first thought

- This information will put Teresa's loyalty and sense of morality to the test.

- There's a really cool fight montage with Teresa and James that is 100% bad ass.

- There's that one pose (as seen in the preview) that is a true Bonnie and Clyde moment. I just wanted to comment on how awesome it is in the actual episode

- The last minutes of the episode we see glimmers of Teresa's boss bitch persona rising!

That's all the champagne I can spill about this week's episode! Will there be a winner in Camilla vs Teresa? Do you trust the General? Do you think Teresa should trust James?  Let me know in the comments what you think about the season so far. 

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