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Most Popular Shows and Articles on SpoilerTV - June 2018


People seem to enjoy looking at the weekly stats we produce, so we thought it would be a good addition for the site to do a monthly version of both the Most Popular Shows and Articles. This is the first edition of these posts. We post these on a monthly basis.

Most Popular Shows of the Month

The Popularity score is based on a calculation of Page Views, Video Plays, Poll Votes, Comments, Google+1's, Facebook Likes and Tweets.

TIP: Remember if you want to see your show do better, make sure you share your shows content on Social Media (Facebook/Twitter/G+/Tumblr etc) and comment on articles/posts about your show.

Note: Shows in Green have moved up the table since last month. Shows with a "-" are new entries that were not in last months Top 20.

Most Popular Articles of the Month

Here are the Top 30 most viewed posts of the past Month here at SpoilerTV in case you missed any of them.

- We don't include Ratings News Posts in the list below.
- The number to the left of the post title is the number of times the article was read last month.
- Click on the Article title to view the article

Most Popular Articles of the Month at SpoilerTV
114,777The Handmaid's Tale - Episode 2.12 - Postpartum - Promo, Promotional Photos + Synopsis
214,353The SpoilerTV 2018 Episode Competition - Nominations now open!
312,284The SpoilerTV 2018 Episode Competition - Day 12 - Round 2: Polls 13-16
412,282Shadowhunters - Season 3B - Premiere Date Revealed *Updated*
511,488Lucifer - Amazon in Talks for Season 4 #SaveLucifer
69,623Performers Of The Month - Readers Choice Most Outstanding Performer of May - Tom Ellis
78,884Performers of the Month - May 2018 Voting *RESULTS*
88,815The Handmaid's Tale - Episode 2.12 - Postpartum - Promotional Photos + Synopsis
98,272The Red Line - Promo
107,281Shadowhunters - Season 3B - Premiere Date Revealed *Updated - Date Removed by Freeform*
116,655[OPINION] - Why the renewals of Lucifer and Brooklyn Nine-Nine should be a wake-up call for TV Networks
126,596Shadowhunters - Cancelled by Freeform; Ending with 2-Hour Series Finale
136,423Famous in Love - Cancelled by Freeform
146,261Lucifer - Renewed for a 4th Season By Netflix #LuciferSaved
156,114The SpoilerTV 2018 Episode Competition - Day 13 - Round 3: Polls 1-4
165,901The SpoilerTV 2018 Episode Competition - Day 8 - Round 1: Polls 29-32
175,739YouSay - Vote for the Best On-Screen Romance - Stage 1
185,695The Handmaid's Tale - Holly - Advance Preview
195,343The SpoilerTV 2018 Episode Competition - Day 10 - Round 2: Polls 5-8
205,034The SpoilerTV 2018 Episode Competition - Day 2 - Round 1: Polls 5-8
214,351The SpoilerTV 2018 Episode Competition - Day 7 - Round 1: Polls 25-28
224,318The Man in the High Castle - Renewed for 4th Season by Amazon
234,258Supergirl - Season 4 - Chris Wood Not Returning
244,209The Handmaid's Tale - The Last Ceremony - Advance Preview
254,132SpoilerTV Cancellation Predictor Table 2017/18 *Updated 19th May 2018*
264,056Goliath - Season 1 - Review
273,879Shadowhunters - 5 ways you can #SaveShadowhunters
283,821The Handmaid's Tale - Episode 2.11 - Holly - Promos, Promotional Photos + Synopsis
293,681The Handmaid's Tale - Episode 2.08 - Women's Work - Promo, Promotional Photos + Synopsis
303,544The Handmaid's Tale - Episode 2.09 - Smart Power - Promo, Promotional Photos + Synopsis

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