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Killjoys - Johnny Dangerously - Advance Preview

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Killjoys “Johnny Dangerously” was written by Michelle Lovretta and was directed by Samir Rehem. I was really excited to see Anna Hopkins (Berlin on Defiance, Samantha Clayton on Arrow and also appearing on The Expanse (Monica Stuart) and Shadowhunters (Lilith) this season). This episode catches us up on what’s happened to the rest of the gang. Look for an unexpected kiss and an unexpected handshake. Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) does a little singing.

We finally catch up with John, D’av (John Macfarlane) and Delle Seyah (Mayko Nguyen) who have “landed.” Delle Seyah proves handy, and John is still hurt. D’av is not a good medic. John makes a hard decision which may prove to be a bad one.

Zeph (Kelly McCormack) and Pip (Atticus Mitchell) work together on the Hullen Occupied R.A.C. to regroup with the others. Fancy (Sean Baek) and Turin (Patrick Garrow) agree on an important point. Zeph comes up with a daring plan and takes the lead. Gared (Gavin Fox) offers unexpected help, and he and Pree (Thom Allison) carry out their own mission. Pip makes a surprising decision.

The brothers find themselves in the middle of something. There’s some awkward talk about the baby. Delle Seyah has a revelation that doesn’t make her happy.

Don’t look for much Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) in this episode, but it’s got lots of action that you won’t want to miss! The episode airs Friday on Syfy at 10/9c! 

And of course, here are some dialogue teases….

I love plums. Plums are great.
Feel free to stop me whenever.
Oh shit! We made it worse!
It’s what I came for.
Please stop underestimating me.
Humans are trash.
I’m just an angel dipped in chocolate.
If you keep farting and snoring, I’m going to kill you both!
Have you always been this funny?
What are the odds there’s a decent spa around here?
If I have to separate you two again, I will turn this walk around!
I’m pregnant not blind.
That was hot.
I’m worried about the ifs.
Oh. I did not see that one coming.
Everyone stay calm, but follow our lead.
The universe is just full of assholes.
Tight pants are best pants?
I’m back bitches!

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