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YouSay - Top 10 Best On-screen Romances - The Results

4 Sept 2018

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Disclaimer Please note that it is impossible to include all romances from every TV show. You can still have your say in the comments if your choice is not in the poll.

Welcome to YouSay, SpoilerTV's way of getting your voice heard. We are going to pick a popular topic and then let you guys vote for the winners. Once we have all of the results we will announce the Top 10 on our YouTube channel. We will also read out some of your comments and thoughts on why you made your choices.

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What is the Best On-Screen Romance?

Who do you think has the best On-Romance? There are so many options, so many ships, but who do you think deserves to be in the Top 10. Cast your vote below. You can choose up to 3 on the list. Results will be revealed in a video once the poll has ended. You only have 1 week to vote. (we will update this article with the video)

Stage 1 - Cast your votes (you have 3)
Stage 2 - We collate the votes / create the video
Stage 3 - We release the Top 10 Video

The Results

Share your thoughts and feelings in the comments below. Who did you pick? Did we miss someone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. We will be reading out some of the best ones.