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The Bold Type - Season Two - Advance Preview: It's Good For All Of Us

"You take a big swing, sometimes it pays off, sometimes it falls apart."

Oh, how I've missed this show, and I'm assuming you did too, so let's get right to it. We pick up two weeks after season one finale and some dynamics are different but some stay similar enough to give us exactly what we love about this show. Jacqueline continues to be awesome, the girl's friendship continues to be amazing, and hilarious, and something I'd watch hours of, and dressing room meetings (closet meetings sounds like something else) are still going on even if they have to be creative about it.

Also still the same, the presentation, I know it's because of the real Joanna Coles but am I the only one who thinks the British accent doesn't really fit the show? Anyway, Kat continues pushing the envelope and as the fireball she is, which is why she's awesome, but it's also why sometimes she's not super considerate, which might bring some interesting issues with Adena. Kat's also asked to do a bio for work which brings up an issue she'd never fully had to deal with that starts a very interesting conversation for the character.

Reputation is a funny thing, once they've put you in a box, suddenly everything you do fits the narrative the world wants to believe, and that's what Sutton is dealing with. There's an arc that shows exactly why no matter how feminist the magazine claims to be, there are things the people in it can't easily escape. For a second I was scared they were going to go with the predictable route but I wass pleasently surprised about one aspect of it.

And Jane, Tiny Jane, is diving in with her new job, she clearly doens't fit the vibe and is still in Scarlet-mode in more ways the one, it remains to be seen if she'll be able to find a way to settle in. She's in charge of launching her own verticla which means there's a lot of pressure on her story, but it might be a more complex one than she initially thought. Her writing process is still the same but editing is very different than it was on Scarlet and then she makes a desition that makes it seem like she did not learn her lesson last season.

Now, I have no idea why I didn't see this before but there are some inconsistencies about the whole Incite thing: One, it seems Incite is only interested in hit pieces and not really Jane's voice, which makes sense since they hired her after only reading that ONE article, which really sounds like a poor choice to me, especially being the "hard-hitting, factually accurate, news outlet" they claim to be, and the giving that journalist her own vertical seems like a terrible choice as well. And two, that Jane didn't do her homework reading through a few of the site's stories, after all, it's pretty obvious what Incite is all about, and Jane should've known it was not her style. Now it's all about whether Jane can rise to the challenge or if this is a challenge worth rising (or maybe stooping down) to. And I have to say if Incite goes awry, which looks like a possibility, I'd love to see the girls working in the same building together again, and Jane-Jacqueline conversations are very missed as well.

Some Teasers:

- Some changes in company policy pose very interesting possibilities all around.
- There's a suggested poker night I'm dying to see.
- Totally implausible social media consequences make some noise for one of our girls.
- Two ships have conversations about being all in, though one goes better than the other.

Some Quotes:

"We're nice people."

"So tiny, yet so strong."

"I can't take you guys anywhere"

"When in doubt, don't pull it out."

"I've been, like, talking to shoes and stuff."

"I see the irony and I'm okay with it."

Catch the pre-premiere at some point today on Hulu and the official premiere on Freeform, Tuesday, June 12 at 8:00 PM.

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