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The Bold Type - The Scarlet Letter - Advance Preview: Safety Net

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"You always get what you want."

After Jane was fired she's finding it hard to get a new job, especially given her recently found infamy, and if you know Jane, she's determined but she's not exactly great at the not knowing part. Luckily, in her way, she finds an excuse to see the adorable Dr. Ben again, and he's even better than he seemed the last time we saw him. She also does visit Scarlet but it remains to be seen if her pride, or something else, gets in the way of an official comeback yet. And I have to say, even thouh I want the girls back working together, I like how they are going about this, in any other show Jane would've been back at Scarlet immediately, but this show always finds a way to keep things fresh.

Kat and Adena continue to grow as a mature couple even though sometimes Kat needs to be checked, which is made clear when she and Sutton disagree on what is appropriate to ask a friend. Speaking of which, Sutton has a very important task to do for Oliver which leaves her in the position of taking a risk or going with the safe bet, and she finds an awesome way to deal with the drama from the premiere which only makes me love her even more.

And last but not least, our beloved Jaqueline gets some more screen time than usual, which is absolutely awesome and something I want to see more of, she has a disagreement about the body positivity issue with the board, whose messenger now appears to be Cleo, one of the few female members, and she finds a solution while imparting her wisdom on one of our girls.

Some Quotes:

"Becoming a meme is basically like a millennial rite of passage."

"Step away from the cleaning supplies."

"Have you met me?"

Catch the The Bold Type on Freeform, Tuesday, June 19 (8:00 – 9:01 p.m. EDT).

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