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Take Two - Pilot - Advance Review

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Craving something fun? Light? With bickering lead characters who are on a slow burn to best friends, and maybe more? Take Two, your new favorite summer show, starts Thursday, June 21st, 10pm on ABC.

From the opening scene, to the end, Take Two is an entertaining odd-couple procedural that will not only give you Castle vibes, but pokes some fun at that show too.

Our heroine, Sam Swift, with Beckett hair and heels to match, was once the star of a cop show. Now, with her show cancelled, she’s just getting out of rehab. Back out in the world again, no one will hire her.
There’s one possible job, however. Playing a PI. Sam knows how to play cop, but a PI is new territory and she wants to get it right.

Cue our rugged hero.
Eddie Valetik.

Eddie just happens to owe Sam’s publicist, Sydney, a favour and Syd is calling it in. And thus Sam and Eddie are teamed up.

Terri Edda Miller and Andrew W. Marlowe (MilMar) write unconventional duos beautifully, and these two are shaping up to be no different.

Where Valetik has PI experience, Swift comes in with people skills gained from years of acting, and right from the start they complement one another.

It’s thanks to Sam encountering her real first dead body that we meet Christine Rollins, a tough, no-nonsense detective who has little time for Sam, and Mick English, a quirky, fanboy of an ME who might be Sam's biggest fan. The contrast is fun and it will be interesting to see if Rollins warms to Sam in time – or if jealousy flares up there.

Sam might be good at reading people, and we assume she’s a good actress, but she fails at the art of subtlety. And while she’s smart as a whip there’s a naivety to her, something we see as the realities of real police work (eg: dead bodies) start to seep into her research.

The case is fairly typical, but that isn’t the aspect of this show that will keep you coming back. The relationships are going to be the draw here, that and the quirky humor MilMar infuse into a series. For those expecting another Beckett, Sam may be difficult to warm to, but give her a chance. She’s smart, and savvy, and adorable. And I’m calling it now that underneath that roguish exterior, Valetik actually has a heart of gold.

Have these two got a ship name yet?

Dialogue Teases:

“That’s a cute bear. What’s his name? Pervy?”

“I just thought the only way I’d meet you was on my table. But here you are, alive.”

“Next time I’m just cuffing you to the steering wheel.”

“You really put the dick in detective.”

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