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Shades of Blue - Season Three - Advance Preview: Mirrors

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It’s not a do-over unless we make different choices

Shades of Blue is back for one final season and it looks like it's all about redemption, but not surprisingly there are going to be a few bumps in the road first, so get ready for a thrilling ride because this show is in full force once again keeping us glued to our seats and hold on tight because the fighting gets low and dirty. This season the bad guys are a lot closer, and there are many similarities: characters seeing themselves in other people, others not wanting to see the resemblance, tables are turned in more than one ocasion, and there's a specific scene that is very much a callback to the Pilot, and it's all just so good, so intriguing, just like last season the writing and the performances are amazing.

Now, about that cliffhanger, I think we all knew neither would die and if you did at first, the promotional photos fixed that. I have to say I wondered why they would put both these characters' lives on the line given neither of them is expendable, most likely it was to generate buzz for the show, and if it worked so we'd get this last season, I'm cool with it. Especially since they are using it as part of the story in a very smart way, and for that they definitely get props, there is a clear parallel here of what each wants to do with their second chance at life, but the thing is, those two paths look very different. Now, we wouldn't have Shades of Blue if those two paths didn't clash, and boy do they.

You can’t stand where you’re standing and pretend it’s high-ground!
I’m not standing, Woz, okay? I’m underwater, I can’t breathe, I can’t even reach the surface!
Then let me make the decisions until you figure out which way is up!

We begin with a flashforward that makes us wonder what the heck is going on and it will give us information to piece it all together along the road. After what happened the crew is broken and getting it back together might prove harder than some would want but The chemistry of the group is just as strong as ever, and we get to see pairings we haven’t seen a lot of before. The writing is still as gripping ad brilliant as ever, and the performances shouldn’t be a surprise but they’re always outdoing themselves.

To those interested in the role played by Nick Wechsler (Revenge), Cole is an officer from the NWPD Intelligence unit run by Ramsey (Bruce McGill - Rizzoli & Isles) whose character is described as someone who's "not burdened by an over-active moral compass" if you get the meaning. So Cole finds himself in a Harlee situation, and I have to say, maybe this is just my own personal bias, but I just love the guy and I can't wait to see more of him, so if this ends up with him as part of the team (sooner rather than later), I'm all for it.

I’ll stand alone

The final season of Shades of Blue premieres on NBC tonight, SUNDAY, JUNE 17 AT 10 P.M. Are you excited? Let me know in the comments.

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