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Quote of the Week - Week of June 17

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

The 100 -
1. Monty: “If a war is the only way to have the last survivable land on Earth, then maybe we don't deserve it.” (Jimmy)

Claws -
1. Polly: “Y'all. Y'all. Let's leave the racism to the hipsters.” (Eve)

Elementary -
1. Kelsey about Joan: “So you think that she could do it, be a mom?” Sherlock: “I think she could do anything.”
2. Sherlock: “For you, Watson, I’d make adjustments. Always.”
3. Sherlock: “I want you to know that if you deem Watson the best candidate to raise your child and if you decide to give her that gift, I could leave.” Kelsey: “Wait, what do you mean you could leave?” Sherlock: “I mean I could go away. We wouldn’t have to share a home.” Kelsey: “I know for a fact that’s not what she wants.” Sherlock: “You know what we want and what we need are very often mutually exclusive.” ~~~I adore the platonic friendship between Sherlock and Watson. It’s so rare to see partners on TV that aren’t romantically involved, but still support each other in all things. (Dahne)

Into the Badlands -
1. Lydia: “Don't let me die, Nathaniel. There's so much left for us to do.” (Eve)

The Originals -
1. Emmett: “So let me get this straight. Our solution, everyone in their corners, seperate, was good enough when he demanded it. But somehow I'm hateful for proposing the same?” Josh: “No less hateful when it was his idea.” Marcel: “That's right.” ~~~Yup, it's not the 50s. Marcel wins this one for growing with the times and realizing he was wrong. The world has changed, grown up. Segregation is done, women have the right to go to school, and we are stronger together. (Prpleight)

Take Two -
1. 1. Sam: “It’s all about finding authenticity.” Eddie: “Like on your show, Hot Suspect.” Sam: “Exactly.” Eddie: “Really because none of the cops I know wear designer clothes and 5-inch heels.”
2. Sam: “I came here to learn, not wait. This is perfect! I can be in on an investigation from the beginning - get to know how you think, you know, how you work, crawl under your skin.” Eddie: “My skin is already crawling.”
3. Eddie: “What the hell are you doing?” Sam: “You told me not to talk.” Eddie: “So instead you thought we should play charades?”

Westworld -
1. Ford to Maeve: “You stayed here in this world to save your child. So have I.” (Milo)
2. Emily to William: "I’m not a host pretending to be a human, dad. I’m your daughter, pretending to give a sh** about you." (Milo)
3. Teddy to Dolores: "I’ll protect you until the day I die. I’m sorry. I can’t protect you anymore." (Milo)
4. William: “What is a person but a collection of choices? Where do those choices come from? Do I have a choice? Were any of these choices ever truly mine to begin with?” DarkUFO)
5. Ford: “I tried to chart a path for you to force you to escape, but I was wrong. I should have just opened a door. You've come so far, and there's so much of your story left to tell.” (DarkUFO)
6. Ford: “I warned you not to trust them, Bernard. They'd rather the hosts were destroyed than free.” (DarkUFO)

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