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Marvel's Cloak and Dagger - Stained Glass - Review: "Two Sides of the Same Loneliness" + POLL

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Cloak & Dagger's follow up to the extremely intriguing two hour premiere was certainly not a disappointment. The third chapter of Tandy and Tyron`s 10 episode season 1 run delivered on multiple levels and while I`m still not really sure if the show delivered a masterpiece or just blinded me with flashy lights, one thing is certain I am excited for more.

I didn`t expect the two sides of one story approach they gave us during this episode, it was refreshing and with the writers playing it cool and not forcing this set up too much it created nice parallels between the two lead characters and where in life they are and put them at different crossroads of their life.

Tandy`s journey this week worked better for me. The recap of premiere episodes contained the scene with her mother calling out Tandy`s running away under pressure, and while I think her mother has no F-ing right to go there it is seemingly a pattern with Tandy. I don`t say I wouldn`t run with living with such a damaged mother still you can`t live like that. And Tandy seeing Tyrone`s story repeating the same way and ending every time the exact same way was quite the wake-up call for her. Usually, I`m not a fan of whimpering and screaming women on my scream but Olivia Holt carries this perfect dose of fragility and pain in her eyes that makes it tolerable. She really brings it in this role and I hope she gets even stronger material down the line.

Rick`s daggering case getting wrapped up this quickly felt a bit lazy and underwhelming but honestly better this way. This story shouldn`t linger over our heads and be locked in a box far far away. It fulfilled its cause as it put Brigid and Connors on each other's way and that collision could turn out to be a lot of fun heading further into the season.

And While Tandy tried to run away from her problems Tyrone tried to burry his away. And while this was the healthier way and his scenes Evita had a great flare it turned out that this neither is the way of handling it. Tyrone out of Tandy`s example saw that he can`t let his emotions over power and react irrational cause he won't find piece that way. I was impressed by how impactful the scene with sweet little Tandy poisoning all the boys. It had so many metaphorical implications and shed some light into Tyrone's path.

The episode once again featured so many great songs placed at perfect times during the episode enhancing every individual scene, creating many powerful impressions.

And while I love Freeform's 10 episode format, this already means we saw 30% of the season and that we don't have much Cloak & Dagger this year. I certainly hope an eventual 2nd season will have more episode. But before going thinking about season 2, tell me what do you think about Stained Glass.

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