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Throwback Thursday - The Secret Circle - Slither: " We Are Not A Teen Show! "

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Throwback Thursday is a weekly feature at SpoilerTv where contributors look back on past episodes of TV that made an impact on them. This week I want to take a moment to look back on The Secret Circle episode Slither, directed by Liz Friedlander and written by Dana Baratta.

Exactly 6 years ago today (May 10th) the news broke that The Secret Circle wouldn`t return for a second season. That didn`t prevent the show to air a killer finale the same night and leave fans hanging with so many unanswered questions lingering above their heads.
Even now 6 years later I am still a die-hard fan of the show and the mythology it created and regularly follow the cast members and their new projects.

Why did I choose "Slither" for this article? One reason is that STV writer Gavin already covered the series finale, Family in a TBT article a couple of years ago and the second reason is referenced in the title of this article. This episode is when the show completely embraced it`s own dark nature and told a truly twisted plot with convincing performances and a vicious ending no one saw coming at the moment.

Rewatching this episode brought back so many emotions and memories. The actors were young and looked so naive compared to their current roles. I mean of cours they do look young, 6 and a half years have passed since this episode aired. It just felt weird and brought back so many sweet memories and transported me back to may early 20s. The episode picked up on the previous cliffhanger that a Demon escaped Heather`s body and was starting to possess and do damage in Melissa`s body. In case you forgot it Heather was put in a catatonic state by the kids parents so they wouldn`t have to kill her and to prevent the Demon to do damage while controlling Heather`s body. This episode featured primarily Melissa and Nick and their relationship and how it was destroyed just at the moment when they started to open themselves to each other.

Jessica Parker Kennedy was the true MVP of this episode. Her performance was incredible, so raw and delicate featuring those small noticeble ticks that were perfectly placed into each scene. Besides the individually strong performances by Jessica and Louis, "Slither" built up on the cast chemistry and the scenes they`ve shared together. The full circle together mythology- and interactionwise brought always the best out of the show and the writing worked really well creating a very twisty and fast paced epiosde

The fast pace and slight story twists created a compelling outing that also gave the show`s veteran, Ashley Crow space to shine and deliver some powerful moments, that lead to forming a powerful bond with Casey. The Grandma and Grandkid didn`t click right away cause the secrets between them. The true twist of the episode happened when the Demon transfered from Melissa to Nick and introduced himself to Dawn and Charles. Gale Harold was on point with his performance and Nick`s death haunted him till the end of the series.

Slither was definitely the episode that put The Secret Circle on the map and made it stand out from the CW stamp it was put on with the whole love triangle thing. I hope you`ve enjoyed this little ride down memory lane and I look forward to read your thoughts about this episode in the comment section down below. Till next Thursday when another of our writers will take you down a different memory lane. . .

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