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The Resident - Run Doctor, Run - Review: "You Play Me Like a Symphony"

This week’s episode was pretty good, but I found it to be let own compared to the past few episodes, but only because the past few episodes were really great. “The Resident” continues to deliver strong performances and strong storylines.

The show really has mastered their opening scene mash up. They’re adrenaline pumped and bridge into the episode nicely. No, Conrad wasn’t practicing his parkour in the beginning of “Run doctor, Run,” he was chasing after the a-hole grocery/threat delivery man who is still following Nic. One questions remains though, where the heck was he? That wasn’t Nic’s house.

“Maybe you can track him down, slash his tires, throw a trash can through his window.” -Conrad

Once again, there are two main parallel medical cases going on for the characters to deal with. First off, Conrad and Devon treat a woman who hires ex-cons in her catering business. She is hallucinating and seizing amongst other things, after having been hit by an ambulance. To add insult to injury, she is also uninsured. So, as per their usual M.O., they need to treat her as quickly as possible, before the administration, in this case Bell, notices. I have to ask myself how they managed to get all these tests done under the radar. Is there no digital or paper trail here? Seems pretty unlikely, but let’s go with it. Still, in a House-like moment, Devon figures out the highly unlikely cause for all her symptoms, an incredibly rare disease with a 98% casualty chance.

Devon was pretty great in this episode, and in the past, the character kept hinting at him being the best intern, and I could really see it until this episode. I had always seen him as quite whiny, yet cocky at the same time. But here, he was adorable, and the montage with him and Irving tag teaming the telephone calls was perfectly done. Finally he’s starting to warm his way inside my heart. After Conrad’s plan to induce hypothermia and good guy Greg delivering the medicine from Florida, they manage to save Claudia.

“You think my behavior is my weakness. No, it’s my superpower.” -Austin

Claudia is not Devon’s only concern in this week’s episode, York is back, but it’s not with something up his butt; he’s with his mother. Mina and Austin perform an awake open heart surgery, on York’s chlamydia ridden mother, and it only brings out more of Austin’s annoying traits. Dr. Austin took the job at Chastain, and there is really no surprise there, but Dr. Bell, as I, must be regretting his choice of hiring him. His character seems to have done a 180 from what he was last week vs this week. What I found witty last week, I now find disrespectful. What I found clever, I now find obnoxious. And what I saw as confident, I see as bullying. I can only hope we’ll witness huge character growth at some point with him. Deep down, I can feel he’s the good guy, with defense mechanisms in place, but he’s hella annoying.

Also, that one nurse is always the one that acts like an incompetent in the OR, she needs to go. She gives the nurses a bad name.

Speaking of nurses who mess up…

Nic, Nic, Nic, Nic, Nic. *Shakes head* What the heck, girl? You’re supposed to be smarter than this. You know that Lane is capable of murder to cover up her crimes yet, you fall for the oldest trick in the book. Do you not watch TV? After receiving a call from an old friend, who more times than once told her to go screw herself (in other words, of course) Nic goes to the clinic, after hours. When her friend doesn’t answer her phone, she then proceeds to enter the building through the conveniently ajar door. At the very least, this would be considered trespassing.

The only possible explanation, and the one I will be choosing to go with, is that she was scared for her friend. Knowing what Lane is capable of, she wanted to make sure she was okay and hadn’t gotten caught. Other theories out there?

Seeing Nic in that orange jumpsuit did nothing to help me dissociate her from Emily Thorne, but that doesn’t mean I did not enjoy it.

Nic also has a side story that did not include Lane, in this episode, when she finds her sister on her kitchen floor. With that storyline, we also get a hint at Nic’s possibly troubled past and I am glad we’ll be able to explore that in more details since a second season was ordered for the show. Yay!

“We all have our deamons. You didn’t judge me for mine.” -Nic

How excited are you for the Finale?

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