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The Originals - Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - Review

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This week Klaus was so hell-bent on finding Hayley that he nearly started a war by killing a witch, a werewolf and punishing the vampires by taking their daylight rings. Freya visits Hope at school to tell her about the supposed curse. Klaus and Marcel find more leads on Hayley’s whereabouts which for some reason includes Nazi’s. 

Most determined: So Klaus definitely did not lack determination in this episode. What he did lack was impulse control. You know how his siblings always talk him out of the really bad plan, then settle for a slightly less bad plan? This episode showed what happened when there’s no one there to talk him out of it. While I did like that he didn’t single any community out and questioned everyone fairly, the kidnapping and everything that followed was a step too far. Klaus doesn’t need to interact with his siblings to burn down New Orleans, he’s more than capable of doing it all by himself. He, along with Marcel (who should know better), managed to piss off all 3 factions to the point of war. The witches might not have declared war yet, mostly because their leadership seems to be good at keeping people calm rather than stoking their rage, which is what’s happening to the wolves. Though, in their defense, the wolves have had to take a lot more lately. And now there are the sanctions for the vampires, who were already close to rebelling against Marcel. They won’t stand for having their daylight rings taken away. Klaus and Marcel have only been back for a short while and yet things have already gone from peaceful to on the brink of war. 

Not looking good: I’ve never hidden that I love Josh, have since his first scene. In a way, the show kind of started with him. There have been many times that I have feared for his survival, though not so much these last 2 seasons. But with the show ending, I’m once again worried. Mainly because he’s put himself into a position of power where he’s likely to become collateral damage from Klaus and Marcel’s shenanigans. Despite everything that’s happened these past seasons, Klaus nearly killed Josh this week, and for what? I fear that Josh is going to do something noble and stupid before the season ends that will get him killed. 

Favorite relationship: I really liked seeing Hope and Freya interact this week. I hate that we missed so much of their relationship thanks to the time jump. In a way, they’re the outsiders of the family, the only ones who aren’t vampires. So it makes sense that they’d be close. I think Freya sees a lot of herself in Hope. Freya was also really powerful from a very young age so she knows a bit of what Hope is going through. I look forward to seeing more of their scenes together. 

Frustrating: Speaking of Hope, I felt really bad for her this week. Not only does she have to deal with her mother being missing and the guilt she feels for the role she played in that, but now her aunt tells her the New Orleans witches don’t want her to come back home because they’re worried she’ll destroy the city. Give the kid a break already. She’s 15, the last thing she needs is to worry about some stupid curse. 
REALLY? Nazi’s? Really? Why? This just feels so random. This is the final season, couldn’t they have brought back a villain we’re already familiar with, or that has at least been mentioned before and has some kind of meaning rather than just a new (apparently old) villain that’s never been mentioned before. The only thing that’s remotely exciting about this is that the Original family will be kicking Nazi ass. 

Best quotes: Klaus: “Perhaps your royal status has wilted along with your marital prospects.” 
Klaus: “If your assistance requires a psychological evaluation, allow me to make this easy for you. Psychopath on a mission, no time for chit-chat. 
Josh: “Okay, fine. You caught me badmouthing you. But I was badmouthing while also doing what you asked so I’m thinking they kind of cancel each other out, no?” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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