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The Middle - Great Heckspectations - Review

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We’re in the final countdown of The Middle! I know this season has been hit or miss, but I really enjoyed Great Heckspectations. Brick’s story was the main focus this week as prom quickly approaches. He doesn’t want to go, but Frankie and Mike make him. Frankie talks to Brick about promposals, and he decides to dress up at Bernie the Bookmark. This was hilarious!

Frankie doesn’t like the bookmark. Promposals need to be romantic. So he goes to school and has “PROM” written on a piece of paper (he couldn’t break through the paper!) and wears a tux. But when he asks Cindy to prom she says no. She does end up changing her mind because of Bernie according to Brick. Frankie’s happy that Brick’s going, and she invites a group over before prom. It’s clear Frankie hasn’t seen these kids in a while because she thinks they still have all the weird traits they had years ago. One of the guys says he thinks they’ve all grown out of their quirks. Except Brick of course who starts talking about his microfiche. He’s way too excited about that machine.

I liked how awkward it was when Brick tried to give Cindy her flowers. He had no idea where to pin them on her. And neither Brick nor Cindy look thrilled to be going to this dance.

When they get to prom Brick and Cindy head straight to the library. They’re both happy to be in there instead of the dance. Brick tells Cindy that the library has everything he loves: books and her. He also hid some chips in the library. I have to say that Cindy looked and acted pretty normal in this episode especially for her. It seems like things went well as Brick tells his mom that he had a good time.

I liked the speech that Mike gave Frankie about Brick’s quirks. Sure, he’s weird. But Mike wouldn’t trade Brick for any other kid. This was a touching moment especially since we all know Mike has had trouble connecting with Brick in the past.

The other story this week involved Axl getting Sue a gift for her 21st birthday. Or I guess I should say not getting her a gift. He tells her he got her something and when she keeps asking, he says he will give it to her on Saturday. When Saturday arrives and he still has no gift, he decides to drive her around town. He even wraps a scarf around her face so she can’t see. They come back home and end up in Sue’s room. She finally realizes that Axl didn’t get her anything. She starts yelling and throwing things at him. She’s upset and tells him that he didn’t even try.

Sue talks to Frankie about Axl and tells her that Axl loved her as a kid. It turns out that Axl gave the stuffed dog to Sue, and this makes Sue happy. I'm glad that Frankie made Sue feel better, but I wish Axl had stepped up and gotten Sue something. I hope he makes it up to her!

Other Thoughts:

- I loved the beginning of the episode when Frankie and Mike see Brick driving. It was such a shock! I'm surprised that Sue took him to get his license without her parents' permission.

- I wanted to tell Mike to just buy a new remote. He put way too much time and energy into fixing that thing.

- Sue eating that ice cream really grossed me out. Yuck.

What did you think of Great Heckspectations? Was Brick's prom what you thought it would be? Are you sad that Axl didn't get Sue a birthday gift? Leave a comment below!

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