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The Last Man on Earth - Barbara Ann - Review

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Dead bodies, grenades, goats and other surprises are amongst the few things that the gang of The Last Man on Earth came across in Barbara Ann. The episode navigated between two sets of characters, Mike and Tandy on one side chasing the Blob, and the rest of the group back at the house, gaining a better understanding of the history of the place they live in. Let's review.

Barbara Ann picked up where we left things off in The Blob, with Todd finding dead bodies in the wall of his baby's future nursery. His first instinct is to hide this fact from the rest of the group. He wants to know more about his discovery before he tells everyone. In fact, both Todd and Tandy are trying to protect their loved ones from a horrible truth. Todd shields the ladies of the group from finding out there are dead bodies in the wall of the house, and Tandy wants to protect Mike by encouraging him to not set his hopes too high regarding what the blob might be. And they both don't really succeed. Todd ends having to tell the others because he finds much more terrifying things than the dead bodies and Tandy cannot fully prepare his brother to face the nothingness that is the blob.

Indeed, after finally reaching the location of the blob (and picking up a few miraculous goats along the way), Tandy and Mike find a big pile of nothing. Where the blob shines on the thermal screening machine, there is nothing alive to find. Mike is crushed and has to deal with the fact that he didn't find anyone and has to face his own loneliness and all hope of company gone once more. But that's not entirely true, later on in the episode, we find out the blob was actually showing an underground bunker full of people. Now whether or not these people's intentions are nice or threatening, we don't know yet.

Meanwhile back at the house, Todd and company find big piles of cocaine, money, weapons and so on. The whole "drug cartel 101 kit" is hidden within the walls of the house and the more they find, the less safe they feel there. They test the grenades to see if they actually work and search the house to find where else there might be something dangerous. It quickly appears that the entire house is just a deadly trap, with dynamite in the fireplace and a bomb in the piano. The gang comes to the conclusion that they can't stay there anymore and just as Tandy and Mike get back home, they announce they are moving out.

So now, where will they go? Will they stay in the same town and just move to another house, or will they go someplace else entirely? Will they cross path with the bunker people? That's more than likely. Whatever it has in store, The Last Man on Earth has tremendously benefited from Jason Sudeikis' character return to the show and it will be a shame to see him go again, but in the meantime we can enjoy the dynamic that Mike adds to the group, and the storylines unfolding around him.

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