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The Good Fight - Day 471 - Review

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This may be one of my favorite episodes of the season, folks. The drama of a life-threatening injury to one of our main characters, a couple of my favorite Good Wife guest stars, and Diane coming out of her funk and back into action made for one entertaining episode.

As I said, there's another throwback to The Good Wife this week with the returns of Lemond Bishop and Colin Sweeney. To avoid confusion with our main character Colin Morrello, I will henceforth be referring to Colin Sweeney as Sweeney Colin: The Wife Killer of Chicago. Anyway, Sweeney Colin: The Wife Killer of Chicago is here to put together a prenup with his soon-to-be new wife who seems to be just as, let's say, eccentric as his previous wives.

Lemond is there to discuss business when Solomon shows up. They have a little conversation. When Liz shows up to the office and sees Sweeney Colin: The Wife Killer of Chicago and Major drug lord Lemond Bishop, she understandable has an issue with this firm representing them and makes it clear. But her concerns are shut down, especially by Diane. There is still some iciness between them.

Solomon is back to make them an offer they can't refuse, or so he hopes. He wants to merge their firms because, as he says, he was impressed by their victory in the Chicago PD case. Except, surprise, it's totally not why. His firm got in trouble for not being diverse enough so he needs to, so to speak, up their diversity quota and he's willing to pay A LOT for it, enough to make them consider it.

Just when you think you know what the episode is going to be about, it quickly takes a left turn when after the meeting Adrian is shot in the elevator. This leads to a whole mess of panic. Liz is like glue to Adrian's side when he's taken to the hospital. Adrian, as it turns out, will be fine but Liz is still a mess of worry. Quite a lot of worry for an ex-wife. The other one that panics is Diane who goes right for her gun after finding out there's a gunman in the building. Thankfully, she doesn't also microdose, though she looked tempted.

The only one who doesn't panic is Maia because she doesn't even know what happened. She gets stuck with the side plot of this episode covering Colin and his fiance's prenup. I do wish there was a little more meat in Colin's plot, but it gets sidestepped for everything else going on. Basically, they don't trust Maia as the lawyer to handle this. Maia proves herself. They sign the prenup and she gets the offer to be on a foreign corruption case involving the fiance. I guess we'll be seeing more of that next episode.

In another small plot, we find out Colin got the Democratic nomination. I guess that other candidate just phased out? Anyway, Lucca is happy for him. She's warmed back up to Colin quite a bit, especially how worried he gets that Lucca was the one that was shot. They have another brief discussion about the state of their relationship and Lucca makes it clear to him that's she's all in. And because Colin has the nomination, he now has some sway with the democratic committee, which fits in with

In the aftermath of Adrian's shooting things fall apart when Liz decides to give up the client list to her husband Ian in the hopes that whoever did it can be caught before they try this again. Diane is furious and they have words. It's not fun to see them fighting, but at least these words aren't curse words this time. But it's all better later on when they apologize to each other for their behavior. They're friends again, yay!

Unfortunately, on this client list are both of our guest stars. Charles Lester (Wallace Shawn!) comes back and tells Diane some cops have burst into Lemond's house to question him about the shooting. He is pissed off. For those who haven't seen him on The Good Wife, trust me, you don't want to piss this guy off. But Diane and Lucca prevail in defending Lemond from Ian. They promise they'll have his back, but it's not enough. The trust is broken.

Not only is Lemond questioned, but so is Sweeney Colin: The Wife Killer of Chicago. Diane is with Colin as he's questioned by Ian. It's not going well. Diane puts a stop to it and tells Maia to take Colin and his fiance somewhere else. Well, Colin is going far, far away else because he's not happy with what happened and is moving to another firm, as is Lemond. Guess whose? Diane guesses Solomon's. She calls him to find out. He says no, but Maia catches him in a lie. Diane suggests a meeting to discuss a merger with his firm.

This is my favorite Diane scene so far this season. Before meeting with him, she grabs her vial of drugs and ... empties it! She's done with that nonsense and I think she's ready to take back charge of her life and her world, judging by the look she gives herself in the mirror and how she acts with the employees of the firm. The way she comes down the staircase all regally and starts barking out orders is beautiful. Then she goes to Lucca's office to help her pop a bunch of balloons that were sent to Lucca and were drowning her in her office. Then, in another awesome move, she meets with Solomon just to literally give him the finger and tear him a new one for trying to steal their clients. It's fantastic. I think a "Yas, queen" here is appropriate. Furthering her awesomeness, Diane resolves the Solomon issue by getting Lucca to ask Colin, who as the Democratic nominee now has some sway with the Democratic Committee, to ask the chairman to basically tell Solomon, who is hoping to represent the Democratic Committee, to throw away his newest clients because they don't want to associate with the likes of Bishop and Sweeney. So both of them go back to our firm.

Finally, Jay and Marissa take it upon themselves to have their own investigation into who shot Adrian. Jay visits Adrian and he's quite mixed about it. He is still upset about what went down between them but truly cares for Adrian. He finds out from him that he saw the shooter but didn't recognize him. All he can say is he saw it was a white guy. Then, Jay leans down to either whisper something to him or listen to Adrian whispering something. I didn't really catch what happened there. Anyway, Jay and Marissa look at the elevator tapes to get as good of a look at the shooter as they can. They can't see too much outside of him wearing a cap and a do-rag. After looking at their client list, they choose alt-rightest Felix Staples as their top suspect.

The Good Discussion:

Even though Frank telling Colin someone was shot at the firm but not knowing who was a little trite,  wasn't the universe blocking Colin from finding out really funny? Or am I just as psychopathic as Sweeney Colin: The Wife Killer of Chicago?

Did anyone else suspect Lemond's now-grown son as the one who shot Adrian, mistaking him for Lemond when he turned the corner? The way Lemond warned Lucca about how fast children grow up made me wonder if and his son had a falling out that left his son feeling particularly violent.

Have my years of soap opera watching led me to see what I think I'm seeing with Adrian and Liz? Her worry over him and calling him her husband to the paramedic, is this leading to something? Her actual husband seems to think so, at least.

Am I the only one that now wants to participate in a real-life balloon maze?

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