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The Big Bang Theory - The Bow Tie Asymmetry - Review: "Mr. and Mrs. Cooper"

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IT'S TIME! We've been waiting all season long for this moment, and it's finally here! We have all been invited to witness a wedding not many of us saw coming, but is welcomed with the widest of arms and the most opened heart. Sheldon and Amy are tying the knot!

PS - if anyone's wondering, I do have "Here Comes The Bride" playing in the background as I write this review. Well, for the first few minutes at least. Until I want to rip my ears off.

We begin with Penny breaking down the game plan for the weekend. To make it easier for the gang to understand, Penny and Raj initially compare this to the new Avengers movie. Which Bernie slept through, in case anyone was wondering. Amy corrects her, saying it's more-so like Lord of the Rings. To all fans of that franchise reading this, I hate to say it but i've never seen the films. So, to spare myself from embarrassment, i'm going to hold off on commenting on that portion of the opening. I will say, though, that Amy compares her mother to The Balrog Demon of Shadow and Flame.

I wonder what kind of dress she found that fits that figure!

Back at Amy and Sheldon's, Amy has just gotten off the phone with Wil Wheaton - who is officiating the ceremony. Meanwhile, Sheldon's tying his tie, the day before the wedding.

Alrighty. He says growing up, he would've hoped William Shatner would officiate the wedding. Wil would've been a last resort kind of thing. Sheldon's still struggling with his tie, and Amy says it doesn't have to be perfect, as men in the Renaissance made their ties asymmetrical. Sheldon prefers the Enlightenment period. Shout out to Grade 12 history for preparing me for this exact moment!

Amy asks if Sheldon has any wedding jitters.

OK. He may need a little help with that tie. Sheldon isn't worried, saying he'll marry his lady no matter what. Even if his future self came back in time to warn him about his child destroying the world. Amy points out that since Sheldon thinks time is on a loop, he would have already lived through the wedding anyway.

Two peas in a time traveling pod!

O.M.G. Mr. and Mrs. Fowler are on our screens!

And Mrs. Fowler is none other than Kathy Bates! I couldn't have dreamed of anyone better. This is gold. The car ride is awkward, as Mrs. Fowler - AKA Kathy - AKA Amy's mother - is confused as to why Penny picked them up instead of Amy. She thinks Amy can't wait for her to die so she can have her china.

Okay then! Moving on.

In the Cooper car, Raj has gone to the airport to pick up Mary and Missy. Mary's quick to point out that their driver to the airport was also Indian.

This is a pretty accurate picture of their ride. Missy, now pregnant with her second child, mentions that her and her husband are separated. Mary Cooper is having trouble breathing. Sounds like everyone's a little tense leading up to the big day. Where's James Corden? Let's get some carpool karaoke up in this place!

Back at Wedding Prep HQ (Penny and Leonard's apartment), George has arrived! If you missed when we met Sheldon's brother a couple weeks ago and want to hear more of his backstory, click here. Amy likes his accent, and asks Sheldon if he can speak with it, too.

That conversation got shut down real quick. Sheldon mentions that Amy said something about his bow tie that resonated with him. Amy wants him to repeat the sentence with the accent. Georgie, what have you done?

Look who has arrived, too!

Amy and Missy meet for the first time, and it's so sweet that I now have a tooth ache.

The two hug it out as Amy says she's always wanted a sister. Sheldon doesn't know why. How endearing. Saved by the bell, Amy's parents are here!

We've heard so much about this woman, who made Amy the (sheltered) lady she is. What a lovely reunion! Amy looks over her mom's shoulder and asks how her dad is doing.

I'm officially in love with Amy's dad.

At the Wolowitz home, it looks as if Howard's found a new friend!

He reassures Bernadette that the owner is already on his way over. Bernie's relieved - between Howard, Stuart and the two kids, they could sell exhibition tickets for their home zoo to the public! Just then, the doorbell rings.

Y'ALL. IT'S MARK HAMILL. Okay everyone, deep breaths...

This is a HUGE moment for this show, so who am I kidding. LET'S FREAK OUT! Howard gathers the shred of composure he has and re-opens the door. Mark thanks him profusely for finding his dog, Bark Hamill. That name is in true Mark Hamill pun fashion. Mark wants to repay him in any way he can. I think we all know where this is going. Mark's sure in for a Sheldon Cooper themed treat!

At the comic book store, we spot Denise! Woohoo! I'm so glad she wasn't a one-episode wonder. Stuart asks if she'll come to the wedding with him, but she thinks it may be awkward because he's her boss. Just then, Howard rushes in screaming that Mark Hamill will be officiating the ShAmy wedding.

She takes it back! Time to find this lady a dress!

At Penny and Leonard's, Amy's mom mentions that she used to do plays when she was younger! In their home. Because school kids take drugs and get frisky.

They're gonna go through a lot of that this weekend. Fun With Flags comes up, and Mrs. Fowler is shocked that Amy allows videos of herself to be put on the internet. Raj reassures her that the videos put him to sleep. Sheldon's off in another world when Amy brings him back to reality. He says he was thinking of String Theory.

Kathy Bates is over it. She's also over Larry. Larry seems like he was never into it to begin with.

It's Wedding Day! Everyone's entering the venue as Raj spots Mark Hamill.

Howard explains what happened, and Raj asks how Wil took the news. Who knew Star Wars and Star Trek would be pinned against one another at the ShAmy wedding?! This is Sheldon's dream come true. Besides marrying Amy, of course. Okay, maybe this is a touch more exciting for him.

In Sheldon's get-ready room, Leonard's... allergic to the flowers on Sheldon's boutonnière.

Yeah, that's it. That and after today, Sheldon legally becomes Amy's problem. Sheldon reassures his pal that he'll always be his problem, though. Mary Cooper walks in and asks for some alone time with her boy.

The woman is brought to tears watching her baby get ready to walk down the aisle. She says his father would be so proud, and Sheldon says he misses him. He then thanks his mother for everything. I think I may be allergic to the flowers too.

Mary wants to fix Sheldon's tie, but he says that he likes that it's asymmetrical. Mary points out that the imperfect moments are what make things perfect. Sheldon rushes out of the room. Point proven, Mary!

Outside, a meeting between two rivals.

Mark doesn't know who Wil is, but is appreciative for the notes Wil was up all night making to officiate the wedding. That ended as fast as it started!

Sheldon bangs on Amy's get-ready room door.

She looks radiant! Sheldon thinks so too.

Remember when Amy made the comment about the asymmetry in the bow tie at the beginning of the show? Apparently Sheldon's been reconsidering all of the work he's done, and that he has to think of the world asymmetrically. Potentially the biggest breakthrough in Sheldon's career, on his wedding day! Once he sees Mark Hamill he can literally die a happy man!

Out front, Howard tells Mark that they need to stall as Sheldon and Amy are behind. Mark doesn't know how. Howard asks the crowd if they have any Star Wars questions.

Biting your tongue for offering to do anything for Howard yet, Mr. Hamill?

Leonard walks in to see Amy and Sheldon hard at work. After a few moments of trying to get them to finish up, he's completely enamoured and pulls up a chair.

Back at the Mark Hamill Q&A, Mark is asked anything from what it was like being on the Wookiee planet, to why there weren't any tires on the 'Star Wars vehicles'.

Yeah. The last one was George. Stuart answers the questions better than Mark does, and Denise falls head over heels for him! Is it hot in here or is it just me?

Mrs. Fowler is angry that this is taking too long, and tries to go back to get her daughter thinking Sheldon stood her up.

Penny's not takin' none of that! She demands Mrs. Fowler sit back down, saying that Sheldon loves her daughter and would never do anything to hurt Amy. Mary Cooper stands up to applaud and Penny makes her sit down, too. Mrs. Fowler tells her husband to say something in her defence.

With tears in his eyes, he thanks Penny. #Penny2020!

Penny barges into the room to see everyone hard at work. They explain what they're doing, and she's not surprised it has to do with science. Everyone rushes to Sheldon's defence, but Sheldon takes a step back and says they have their entire lives to do science together. He's just chosen Amy over science.

This may be the biggest breakthrough of the entire series.

The wedding is about to begin! Sheldon and Leonard walk in to the hall, and Sheldon is rendered completely speechless as he realizes he's in the presence of Mark Hamill.

He goes up to Mark, who congratulates him. Sheldon declares that he has 4000 things for him to sign. Knowing Sheldon, he's not exaggerating. The wedding march music begins, and everyone stands.

Amy looks like a doll.

Sheldon's once again speechless.

Amy's not phased by Mark Hamill. Mayim Bialik sure is, though! To see her actual reaction to meeting him, click here. It's incredible.

Mark begins the ceremony, and says the word God. Sheldon says that's too religious. Mark points at the culprit.

Mary Cooper strikes again!

Amy recites her vows, and I have tears in my eyes along with much of the crowd. Amy shares that her love for Sheldon has only grown stronger with each passing day, and that she can't see her life without him.

Her love for him is accelerating!

Mark Hamill's emotional, and ushers Sheldon to say his vows.

Sheldon has no words to describe his love for Amy. He's overwhelmed by her.

Penny and I are making the same face right now! Sheldon says even though he can't tell her how he feels today, he's going to spend the rest of his life showing her how much he loves her. He slides the ring on her finger. Be right back, I need some Kleenex.

Hang on, Fedex'ing a box to Mark.

Mark cries out the 'I Do' section, and Sheldon and Amy become husband and wife!

THAT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL! The couple holds hands and walk back down the aisle together, serenaded by none other than Barry Kripke singing "At Wast Last"

Now that's what I call a wedding.

Wow, that was a whole lotta emotion compacted into 30 minutes! I am so thrilled to have gone through the journey of this season with you all, from watching the proposal in episode one all the way to wedding day. You can tell the cast was genuinely happy for these characters, and that their quest to find love has been successful. I wish nothing but happiness for these two, and can't wait to see where life takes them. Fingers crossed for some Cooper babies in season 12!

If you missed it, The Big Bang Theory Twitter account shared this sweet clip that got cut from the show due to time constraints. Professor Stephen Hawking had sent Amy and Sheldon a wedding gift prior to passing away.

What a beautiful tribute.

Down below, let me know what you thought of the wedding! Everything from the family coming together, to Amy's final look, to the vows. I want to hear all of your thoughts.

And that my friends, is a wrap.

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