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S.W.A.T - Vendetta - Review

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Vendetta follows up on the events of K-Town, when, after a fentanyl raid, KC’s son was kidnapped, and Hondo swore to take down Kim for his part in it all.

Karen Street continues to be the absolute worst and casually manipulates her son, something that started at a very young age when his father died (and possibly even earlier). Last week we saw how she talked her way into his home, putting the pressure on him that if he didn’t let her stay with him she might not be paroled. This led to Luca being evicted from Street’s couch – something else I wasn’t thrilled about. Now she’s staying with her son and it’s making things a bit difficult for Street.

Hondo’s still keeping a close eye on Kim after the warning he gave in during a meeting at the end of K-Town. After a run-in with some of Kim’s goons at a stop light, Hondo comes clean to Hicks and Jessica that he’s been investigating on his own time. Hicks pulls him off the case and he hands a box of evidence off to Burrows. We all know Hondo, and we know this won’t stop him in his quest to bring down Kim.

Karen? Still the worst.
Now she’s turning up at SWAT HQ. “I just wanted to see where you work,” she tells Street while Chris watches from a distance. I’m glad Chris is quietly keeping an eye on things, filing it all away. I’m a big fan of the bond these two have built. When he first joined SWAT he tried hitting on her. She asked him to stop – he did. Now they’ve become friends and I really do think there’s something more here too. Watching their friendship grow has been a joy this season and I’m looking forward to how it evolves further in season two.
SWAT is family. They’ve got each other’s backs. Something Street needs when his own blood family is manipulating him.
On her way out, Karen walks past Hondo and a whole lot of silent judging and disapproval takes place.

Michael Plank is back and once again making life difficult for Hondo. Instead of breaking up his relationship this time, he’s the reason Hondo got shot at at the stop light.
“Hondo, Michael’s not the enemy,” Jessica says, but just like Hondo I’m not completely buying that.
But Plank is willing to help Hondo take Kim down. He wears a wire to an event, and proves just how bad he is at this by either being too direct accidentally – or blowing it on purpose. I know which way I’m leaning.
In a final speech, Plank redeems himself by destroying Kim’s credibility and his chance at getting the 25 million out of the investors.

In a really cool scene, the team watches and waits for Kim to make a deal under the cover of darkness. A handshake occurs, and they move in. Deacon is the one to apprehend Kim and gives Hondo the good news.

Our final “Karen is the worst” moment comes when she breaks into the family home to retrieve an item of jewelry she hid under the floorboards. Okay, I’m willing to admit she’s actually not the worst here. I’m still not her biggest fan, but she finally seemed genuine as Street sits with her on the porch and she admits she didn’t get the job.
Chris and I will be watching her closely.

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