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Supergirl - The Fanatical - Review : 'To thine own self be true'

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Supergirl 319

Previous on Supergirl, Kara learned Lena wasn’t happy with her super alter ego, Reign was captured and we saw a young woman fleeing from the cult of Coville.

This week picks up again where things left off Supergirl Winn and Mon-El are at L – Corp with Lena and a contained Reign. Lena believes she can get Sam back but her first attempt fails much to Reigns delight and she threatens to beat Lena with her own spine. Lena blocks her out with a force field that stops even X-ray vision. Supergirl again isn’t happy about this and the gulf seems to become larger between these two.

At CatCo Kara confesses how unhappy she is Lena is no longer her friend and blames James for telling her everything. James told her everything and Kara knows if she tells Lena now she is Supergirl, Kara will lose her altogether. James tries to reassure her it was alright when he learned the truth making us believe she told him, but this made little sense, Kara never told James she was Supergirl he knew already from Clark.
They are interrupted by a young Woman called Tanya who shows them Coville’s Journal and believes his cult is trying to make a bomb. She wants James to take it to Supergirl. Coville’s followers at one time worshipped Supergirl but they seem to have shifted allegiances to Reign.

Alex who has been all protective Mummy Bear over Ruby is having a hard time trying to cheer Ruby up, granted she just found out her Mum had a split personality and was a world killer but hardly grounds for not wanting to take a ride on a classic motorbike.

Kara and James talk with Tanya she was recruited by Coville for her linguists’ skills so she could transcribe the Kryptonian symbols however when she learned they hinted at a bomb she stole the journal and came to Catco. No one knows where Coville is and some think he died for the cause. Kara promises to get the Journal to Supergirl.

They soon head to the cult’s location but of course, they have fled but shadow blast pattern on the wall and human remains suggest they may have made some type of bomb after all.

James spots one of Coville’s old followers Olivia at Catco who tricks him into thinking she is Tanya’s friend as others sneak in and abduct her. Guardian soon gives chase and we learn where James hides his suit as clearly that wouldn’t fit under his shirt.
Stopping them and giving chase into a warehouse James has a very close call when a bullet is fired at his mask, thankfully it stopped it but splits the mask. As the police arrive they assume James is the attacker and Coville’s followers flee, James manages to escape with Alison but this highlighted a judgment made on the color of his skin.

J’onn and Alex have a heart to Heart at the DEO both frustrated that they can’t help Ruby and My’rnn both seem to be withdrawn. A trip to the arcade might help.

Supergirl tries to talk to Lena while they are working on a cure for Sam but Lena shuts her down saying they aren’t friends and she cannot regain her trust. Let's be honest it was bound to happen with a Super and a Luthor broken trust causing a rift between the two. Like with all friendships one mistake can undo all the years of good not to mention the countless times she has saved Lena. Personally, I saw this coming back in season two after the whole Lillian reveal and Supergirl doubting Lena. There was a tension there but all seemed forgiven by the end of season 2 they were working together to stop the Daxamites. At the beginning of this season, Lena called Supergirl her friend as she unveiled her statue. While an obvious choice an unpopular one and I hope they can rectify this somehow.

Speaking of friends J’onn and Alex drag a reluctant Ruby and My’rnn to the arcade after all video games cure everything.

Supergirl flies into Catco to talk with Tanya and James but James gets a message from Coville's followers threatening to unmask him if he doesn’t return Tanya and the journal.

Ruby who continues to lash out at Alex see’s M’yrnn loses it, of course, someone who has been through a war you take them to an arcade where there are blasting games and gunfire. (Anyone with a military background and PTSD aware which I am sure J’onn is would not have taken someone there, poor plot choice).

Back at the DEO Supergirl blames herself that Olivia turned dark as she showed her vulnerability to her. It comes around to whether she should tell Lena the truth but as Mon- el says the truth would hurt her.

Lena and Winn have something studying the Journal they realize they have a statue made from certain type of metal, the statue is of a Kryptonian Goddess, giver of life. Coville's followers are trying to make a new world killer but like Lena states the metal in the rock could also cure Sam. I am calling it, I bet its ‘Black Kryptonite’.

The DEO for such a secure agency gets another visitor, James brings Tanya there and tells Supergirl he is going to be announcing he is Guardian. Lena offers to stand by him but he explains it's not that simple people will see Guardian differently when they see the face of a black man in the mask. As James reveals the first time he was handcuffed by the cop’s just because of his skin color your heart breaks and later it broke, even more, when the tell was, in fact, the actor who plays James, Mechad Brooks own story. For those of us who have never had to face any prejudice or hatred based on race or who we love we can’t understand but, in a world, where walls seem to once again be built it was an important tale to tell.

Tanya breaks the tender moment between Lena and James offering to give herself up and the team come up with a plan to keep her safe.

At the arcade, while Alex and J’onn sort out the mess, Ruby chats with M’yrnn when a foosball rolls towards them, Ruby explains what it is and Myrnn tells her he is from Mar’s and about the losses he has felt. As Alex and J’onn return they find both of them having fun on the foosball table.

Tanya gets into a van with Olivia and some armed followers but so does Mike, yes the goofy alter ego of Mon-El makes an appearance as a poor unsuspecting sole getting into the wrong van. Unfortunately, tracking is lost by the DEO but Lena and Winn figure out they can track the rocks signature.

Mon-El soon free’s himself and changes into his suit, getting a Kryptonian crystal he signals Supergirl as the ceremony starts to change Olivia into a world killer.

Supergirl arrives and battles a now charged Olivia while Guardian and Mon-El take on the followers. As Supergirl touches the stone in Olivia's palm Supergirl struggle's to control her powers, pleading with Olivia to see she doesn't need to follow anyone but be her own person, she soon get's through to her. The stone is stuck in Olivia's palm even Mon-El, who can touch it with no effect, cant move it so Kara has to heat vision it off her. As Olivia breaks down in Supergirls arms as she cools her hand you do see the heart of Supergirl which has always been this hero’s strength.

As the police take the followers away James apologies to Supergirl saying maybe one day he will unmask himself but he knows her reasons for keeping her identity. That is to protect those around her and he apologize's for what he said to Lena.

Alex and Ruby finally have some fun of their own and Ruby admit's her fears of being like her Mum, Alex ever the protector says she will always be there for her. This we know to be true from Alex’s fierce protection of Kara.

While the rock might have been drained Winn has discovered the same rock on a meteor five light years from Earth. I can see another road trip to space. J’onn needs to stay with his father so Mon-El offers to go with Kara as she is unable to touch the rock. Reign breaks lose of her chains, clearly adapting to the kryptonite which means time is running out.

Giving the keys to his spaceship J'onn sees them off but imparts some words of advice to Mon-El. What will they find ???

A figure appears at the now crime scene where the ritual was taking place, Coville is alive.

This episode certainly dealt with some heavy material and gave us a wonderful performance from Mechad Brook's. Though not without a few flaws this story dealt more with the human side of emotions over the alien, something we have seen more of since its return.

The highlights seemed to fix some earlier messes with the characters.
James finally showing us what Guardian truly means to him, not the fact he just wanted to be a hero.
Alex taking the role of protectress over the babysitting role she was labeled with earlier this season is also a return to the character for her.
Supergirl using her heart not her powers to win a fight.

The lows
Kara becoming more like Kal- El, regarding anything that can hurt her as a threat.
Inconsistency in plot points.
Lena's dismissive attitude to Supergirl

This show has such potential but like all the other CW hero shows of late, they seem to have missed the mark a few times. I hope for a shake-up next season.
With a list of new shows and reboots hitting Tv this fall they really aren't offering us much at the moment in the way of a strong female lead. Supergirl needs to keep up and maintain that mantle.

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