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Supergirl - 316 - 318 -Triple - Review: How to stop a WorldKiller

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Supergirl Triple Review

The CW upfronts were today and some wonderful news was shared about another famous DC heroine appearing in the multiverse and crossover. We also learned for season 4 Supergirl will be moving to Sundays. (you can find out all the details of this move and others on our CW upfronts post.)

Meanwhile, for this season the break kinda hurt Supergirl and its been pulling back the ratings slowly since. The storylines, in my opinion, have gotten stronger with the World Killers coming together and I hope for an epic finale with maybe one or two surprises.
I also had the pleasure of catching up with some of the Supergirl cast this weekend at a convention and feel their frustrations mirror our own regarding this past season. Hopefully, all the bumps will be ironed out and plot holes filled.

Sadly, I have been behind with my reviews due to reasons beyond my control but thankfully things seem to be better now, so I apologize for sticking the last three altogether. Weekly reviews will return next week.

So, let’s take a look at the last few weeks where friendships are lost but world killers are defeated.

Of Two Minds

When City council workers become ill Supergirl realizes the third World Killer pestilence has arrived. This is the reason behind the legions arrival as Pestilence will become the blight in the future, if they stop her now it won’t happen however Irma is set on killing Pestilence whereas Supergirl hopes to reach her like Julia who is now Purity.

Meanwhile, Lena is still holed up at her L Corp lab trying to find a way to split Sam from Reign. We learn Sam goes to a valley while Reign takes over. However, Reign keeping appearing is taking its toll on Sam.

Supergirl has her hands full trying to stop Irma from going all kill-happy and finding out who Pestilence is.
When Winn and Alex both become infected the stakes go up even higher. As the cure, they brought from the future only works on the blight version of the disease. They need a current DNA sample from Pestilence.

Soon a Doctor is located but her no harm rule doesn’t apply, and she embraces the changes her transformations brings much to Supergirl’s surprise she becomes Pestilence and nearly kills Supergirl. Imra manage’s to inject Pestilence but Purity’s arrival makes her stronger. Luckily the injection managed to get some of her DNA so a cure can be made.
Everyone is cured and Supergirl and Alex have a tearful reunion. We learn Imra’s obsession with the blight was to save her own sister and she was clearly shaken seeing Alex infected as well.
Supergirl is soon rushing to save Lena as the World killers head there. She is shocked by what she finds but now all three World Killers are reunited and Lena certainly has some explaining to do.

The fun scene of the episode goes to Brainy for his disguise and fooling everyone except Winn you would think on a earth with Aliens a blue man wouldn’t cause such a stir.

The moral debate between Supergirl and Irma had a lot of fans talking about the fact Supergirl has killed so why was this suddenly forgotten.

The bromance scene with Winn and James was a nice touch but wouldn’t the Kara and Alex scene possibly have given more weight to Imra’s confession about her sister who died from the blight.


We pick up after the events of the previous episode and Lena certainly is in hot water, of course, she knew about the DEO she is very intelligent and the fact her mother is DEO’s most wanted. Strangely she can’t see around a pair of glasses though!!

Supergirl isn’t happy, Lena used kryptonite to keep Reign down, so suddenly kryptonite is effective when in the past Reign just shock it off. Also, Lena’s containment of Reign was not really addressed either for this supposed powerful being. Back to the kryptonite, Lena says it was some of Lex’s stash but it’s all gone.

Supergirl becomes dizzy as the sun starts to eclipse and see’s, Sam and Julia. We know Julia and Sam are locked in the valley in the minds of their hosts. Supergirl believes with Brainy’s help she can channel into the minds. Lena offers to go with her and so does Alex, of course, this will put tremendous strain on Supergirl. They have a limited time to stop the World killers before the world goes dark.

We see Kara visit Catco for the first time in forever but it's to ask James to break into Lena’s vault to see if she is lying about all the kryptonite being gone. With Winn’s help, he enters L Corp but lies about opening Lena’s vault saying she has no more kryptonite.

As Kara, Alex and Lena are in the dreamscape valley you can see tension is high between Lena and Supergirl, trust has been broken. They soon have bigger problems when demons attack but finding Sam they manage to get her to break through and signal the DEO to the World Killers location.

Awakened Supergirl, Alex, with a new suit upgrade thanks to Winn, J’onn Imra, and Mon-El try to stop the World Killers but only one as strong as they can do this Julia wakes up and attacks them before the team gets killed. Pestilence stabs Julia but she kills Pestilence before she dies. Leaving Reign who flees the scene. The World killers fortress is gone and no sign of Reign but at least they stopped the blight from happening.

Supergirl feels she was too hard on Lena and they seem to make amends but when James confesses all, he is the guardian and Supergirl had him break into her vault. Really James every heard of a still tongue makes a wise head. You can tell Lena isn’t happy but she has secrets of her own, the kryptonite was hers she can make it.

As Reign is instructed to kill Ruby Arias and Sam screams in the valley her mind is stuck in.

The fun moment is Alex poking Lena with a stick.
The chilling moment Sam screaming at the end.

In both, these episode’s Odette Annabel’s performance is outstanding with her switch between Reign and Sam. We hope Supergirl and Lena can save her. Speaking of these two it looks like a Super and a Luthor isn’t a good mix and Supergirl’s strong reaction to kryptonite mirrors the reaction Superman had to J’onn in Season 2 episodes 1 & 2 especially with Lena's reveal in the next episode.

Shelter from the Storm

Reign attacks Lena and James after what seems to be the morning after, but Lena’s spray kryptonite has more effect than the guardian's shield.
In this episode, it as if James and Kara have swapped over character traits, his belief in Lena while Supergirl has her doubts.

J’onn has a quiet morning with his father but M’yrnn is depressed and clearly showing more signs of his illness.

The Legionnaires are heading home and those who were in stasis due to Blight’s infection are now free of the disease as it doesn’t exist however they need to get back to future and yes, the movie reference is used in this scene. Though Brainy’s delivery needs some work.

Winn and Brainy have somehow bonded and the future dirt as a gift gets us the most awkward hug between these two.

As the Legions say their goodbyes Kara is pleased she got to see the man Mon-El became and are now friends but you can tell Irma knows he is torn.

As they hear about the attack on Lena they head over to her penthouse suite, but Lena doesn’t explain how she defeated Reign, they are concerned she went after Ruby. Alex convinces Lena to tell her where she is so she can be there to protect her. J’onn and Supergirl head to see Patricia Aria’s, Samantha’s mother, to protect her from Reign.

At Sam’s childhood home, we learn her mother knew she was Reign seems at age ten Samantha started drawing symbols, which we now know to be the world killer symbol, all over her books when her mother ripped them out she drew it on the wall.

Alex arrives at Lex’s mansion and gets to meet Mrs Queller who is looking after Ruby.

We see J’onn and Kara have a heart to heart about J’onns father and how J’onn is frustrated he can’t help him more. J’onn notices the flowers dying and we quickly learn Reign has absorbed all the World killer’s powers. Making it harder to fight her, J’onn seems to have forgotten he phased through the sonic scream last week and ends up at Reigns mercy until Patricia steps in front of Reign but she can’t get through to Sam and Reign stabs her. Supergirl manages to get to her feet and throw Reign into the burning house but they flee taking Patricia back to the DEO. She dies soon after but gives Supergirl a message for Sam and Ruby.

James learns of Patricia’s death and tells Lena she must come clean about the kryptonite to Supergirl.

As Alex learns of Patricia’s death Ruby becomes convinced Alex is lying to her and gets hold of her phone with Reign listening calling her Mum may be a deadly mistake.

Brainy had bugged Winn’s dirt and tells Mon-El that Reign has now the power of all the world killers if a legion member were to help Supergirl the odds would increase. Imra needs to get back she tells Mon-El to go and figure out what his heart wants.

J’onn knows Supergirl blames herself for Patricia but she doesn’t know how to stop Reign, M’yrnn and his truce with the white Martians may hold the key and they manage to get the answer they were looking for Reign like the white Martians have a code. The center of her beliefs.

Lena comes bearing gifts, this kryptonite has been charged for Reign. Lena was right about Supergirls reaction to the revelation she could make kryptonite and its extreme bearing in mind the DEO kept kryptonite as well prior to this. You can tell the rift has already become wider between these two.

J’onn is still injured but Mon-El announces his arrival to help hold Supergirls kryptonite. He might as well have offered to hold her purse. I don’t like Supergirl being less super and while I appreciate the World Killers are powerful I need to see her win a few rounds at least.

Reign hears Ruby’s call and heads to Lex’s mansion easily finding the panel and in a scene straight from the Superman movie goes through Lex’s defenses. Luckily Supergirl arrives in time to stop her killing Ruby but the kryptonite is knocked out of Mon- Els hands. A fight breaks out and even cape tricks and Alex’s gun can’t stop Reign. Now in all the fights, her mask has stayed in place but as she approaches Ruby who is looking to defend Supergirl her mask has come off revealing her mother.

Supergirl stands in front of Reign and tells her about her code and Ruby is an innocent. It makes her pause long enough to get the kryptonite in a gun to subdue her. They have captured Reign.

At L- Corp Supergirl apologizes to Lena who goes off to try and find a cure for Sam. Supergirl seems glad Mon-El came back to help and I wonder if these two will resolve their unspoken feelings.

Kara, complete with glasses and her usual clothes meets Lena in the elevator they are obviously heading to Alex’s to see Ruby. We learn Lena hasn’t seen Kara in weeks, but she tells her she can’t trust Supergirl after getting her boyfriend James to spy on her. Kara looks crushed as Lena leaves the elevator realizing she has lost a friend, well her Supergirl side has.

I enjoyed Trinity out of the three while in this weeks episode it's almost like they were making it up as they went along. Also a lot of questions left unanswered. It does make you wonder if anyone has read previous episodes or plot points. Supergirl's heart is her strength yet she closed it quickly to Lena ner once giving her the benefit of the doubt. In Lena's eyes, her idol has fallen from grace and may not return.

So what are your thought's

Has the Luthor and Super friendship crashed and burned?

Will Lena be able to save Sam?

please post in comments below

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