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Siren - Street Fight - Advance Preview

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After last week’s sombre affair, ‘Street Fight’ rams the tension right back up. It’s also a fine example of not judging an episode based on a 15 second promo, which only tells 0.05% of the episodes story.

As seen at the end of last week’s episode, Ryn’s clan have indeed come to land. They are of course not very friendly at all and at the centre of the street fight which is the episode’s main story.

Siren I feel is a prime example of why shortened seasons work so well in the hands of capable writers. There’s been absolutely no room for filler, with every episode in one way or another having something interesting about them which keeps the story moving. The writers aren’t afraid to have episodes dedicated to one sole storyline, whilst allowing another storyline to be picked up at another time. None of which are easy skills to master. The episode of course has many twists and turns, some of which I doubt anyone will guess before Thursday, though sneak peeks Freeform may release may point in the right direction.

I know some have been extremely critical of Xander’s actions this season, and I doubt this episode will improve on that notion. But as I do constantly repeat nothing on Siren is ever black and white. Everything is swimming in that murky grey area, and this episode is no different. I’ve never seen any character on this show as being completely beyond redemption, and the same applies to Xander’s actions this episode. A surprise alliance is also formed that shocks quite a few characters, but unfortunately it can’t prevent tragedy.

Where a couple of weeks ago Maddie/Ryn were paired up and Ben was involved in the storyline on the boat, this week Ben/Ryn are teamed up with Maddie elsewhere for most of the episode. It’s fair to say that Ben is …….. not exactly acting himself? I think that’s the best description I can give, for an episode that has its strangest opener yet. Ben’s ‘behaviour’ so to speak doesn’t go unnoticed. That’s about all I can say on that right now, but my review will go into this in a lot more detail because it is a lot to digest.

Helen has more of an active role in this episode than she did last week, and the show is gently putting all of the pieces regarding her together. It once again brings back something from an earlier episode, that combined with last weeks episode, could potentially deliver an extremely interesting twist on what we already knew in next weeks finale.

Ben’s mother gets a cameo of sorts this week as she gets in contact with Decker, and though her scene may be about one thing, it ends up connecting to something completely different. Decker has a bit more of a presence in this weeks episode as well after his absence last week, and it’s a presence that once again has a surprising twist.

There is of course a lot of drama going down in this weeks episode, and where there is drama there is of course an abundance of action, sparked by a chain reaction. Xander takes a bit of time to reflect on how different things could’ve been. A dilemma floats in the air which coincides with the synopsis for the final episode. Lives are of course hanging in the balance, along with relationships tested, pushed to breaking point, and new strands emerging out of all the chaos.
‘Street Fight’ is a really fun episode, and of course a fantastic set-up for the finale next week. The wait for that is going to be extremely painful, and especially when the show hasn’t as of yet been renewed. I expect any news on that front to probably come once the season has finished, but if it came sooner I really wouldn’t complain.

You can watch ‘Street Fight’ this Thursday at 8pm on Freeform, and if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments and if they aren’t too spoilery I will try my best to answer.

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