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Siren - Dead in the Water - Advance Preview: "What Lies Beneath"

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This week’s episode is all about two stories; Xander going to sea and Ryn being questioned by the Sheriff. Both stories throw a number of surprises and character development at us, along with many twists and turns.

Helen is once again absent from events this week, but given that both stories take place over one night, her absence isn’t that surprising. I actually missed the part where Ryn was arrested and taken to the station last week, so was slightly confused by that turn of events. The Sheriff wants answers over the recent murder that took place. He along with his Deputy both think Ryn is high off her head, and some of her reactions to him are quite humorous with that thinking in mind. The promotional pictures have given away Maddie’s involvement in this storyline, but not exactly how it comes about.

The promo also gave away that something bad happens on the ship at water. I’m not going to touch on that at all, but the scenes at sea feel like something out of a horror movie. If you’re not one for jump scares, then consider this an advanced warning. What I will say though is Ben faces mounting opposition in joining the crew on the boat.

The siren song also comes into play again, with the recipient this week being someone very surprising.

Whilst Helen is once again absent, Decker isn’t. Granted he doesn’t get a lot of screen time, but in what he does get, the show once again surprised me as I was actually routing for him. The points he makes are completely truthful and something I’ll be touching on at length in my review following the episode.

After this weeks episode there will only be 3 episodes left before Siren’s debut season finishes, and interestingly enough, none of the footage from the extended promo is from this episode. For those worried about Ben/Maddie/Ryn’s relationship, I can’t give assurances either way as Ben doesn’t share screen time with either of them this episode, Maddie’s screen time with Ryn is focussed on other matters, and Ryn isn’t even the focus of her screen time this week.

To finish I’ll say the best summary for this episode is that choices have consequences. Flying into a situation head first and refusing to listen to logic, to realize far too late that you’re in over your head is a common mistake many of us make. You can’t repeatedly lay the blame at someone else’s door and not expect them to eventually rightly snap. Honestly is always the best policy but when that can’t be done at first, at least being eventually honest helps to heal the wounds and bring about another potential new ally.

You can dig your teeth into ‘Dead in the Water’ this Thursday on Freeform at 8pm.

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