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Siren - Aftermath - Advanced Preview

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Siren wraps its first season tomorrow night with a bit of a strange episode. It’s not good, it’s not bad, it just kind of is.

The mermaid drama was resolved last week, so ‘Aftermath’ is all about the siren songs effects on Decker and Ben, along with whether or not Donna can be saved.

We have been waiting weeks for it to be brought up again and just as speculated, Helen does indeed reveal her secret to the others. I found the whole reveal and expansion of the mythology to be quite interesting, with it answering a few questions that I had, but given how long we’ve been waiting for the show to pick this storyline back up, some will probably be disappointed.

Maddie as always remains the shows MVP. She’s very quick to realize something is wrong with Ben, once again calls him out on aspects of his behaviour, is as always extremely supportive of Ryn, has one heck of a shock dropped on her and comes to some decisions over her life. She’s not the only one doing that as a number of characters follow that line of thinking this week, and one of those will undoubtedly have big consequences on season 2.

Xander is also free from the drunk tank and with a new outlook on his life thanks to some wise words from the Sheriff. Calvin is also around this episode, and they’re both involved in some girlfriend drama that for the first time in this show, felt an awful lot like filler. Something very much comes out of left field that I doubt anyone will really care about, because the characters haven’t been on the screen enough for us to care.

As was said in the episode’s synopsis, Dale has to answer for the rising crime in Bristol Cove. A number of people aren’t happy about it, but Dale doesn’t really have an explanation that he can give. He’s standing in a pretty tough corner, but help does come from an unlikely source.

As was seen in the promo, Ben finds himself in a life threatening situation this week. He isn’t the only one of course, and some may have already guessed how that will end by one of the promos released when the show first started, but that really only tells half of the story.

There are a couple of extremely emotional moments this week as ‘Aftermath’ lives up to its name, and focusses on the aftermath of all the events that have happened recently. It’s a good enough set up for season 2, but we’re used to finales being a ticking time bomb of action and that just doesn’t happen here. It’s a nice change from TV shows giving us a heart attack and the wait for season 2 will still be quite difficult, but it’s nice to see a show wrapping the majority of its storylines whilst leaving crumbs for what is to come.

You can catch the season 1 finale tomorrow night on Freeform at 8pm, and if you have any questions that aren’t too spoilery, leave a comment and I’ll try my best to answer.

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