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Shadowhunters - Salt in the Wound - Review + POLL

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This week on Shadowhunters, Clary, Izzy, and Alec try to trap Jace, who they now know is possessed. Maia reveals that Simon’s roommate is the guy that turned her. Luke and Simon try to rescue Ollie but are unsuccessful. Jace kills his grandmother and is then trapped by Alec, Izzy, and Clary. The latter lets herself get arrested to give the others a chance to get away. 

Cat’s out of the bag: First of all, very happy I can finally stop saying, Kyle. But even more happy that this storyline is moving forward. The flashbacks were definitely necessary to show Maia and Jordan’s relationship. I get where both of them are coming from. Yes, Jordan wasn’t in control that night. It was his first shift, his emotions got the best of him and Maia was the unfortunate victim. However, once he turned back he was in complete control. Probably in shock, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that he just left her there, bleeding, with no idea of what was going on. Even afterward he never went back for her. And that’s not okay. It’s going to take a lot more than an apology to work this out. 

The other cat: It seemed to be the episode for revealing secrets because Clary finally told everyone what happened in last season’s finale. And surprise, everyone took it rather well. Considering how long she’s been keeping this from them, I expected at least some yelling. But I guess finding Jace was a bigger concern. Still, goes to shows you how much everyone, especially Alec, has grown since season 1. In those early episodes, he would’ve let her have it (and it would’ve been deserved). 

Ouch: Well, nothing says “I don’t love you anymore” more than dropping someone off a building. That potion was some strong stuff. It makes me wonder if reversing the effects will be that easy. Either way, what he did to Clary this week is bound to cause some friction when he’s no longer possessed. And killing Imogen will definitely have some consequences for Jace’s mental state. Here’s a guy who finally found out about his heritage only to now lose his only remaining blood relative by his own hand. Bring on the guilt. 

Best supportive role: Simon helped out almost everyone this week. He was a supportive boyfriend for Maia, a knight in shining armor for Clary and a sarcastic sidekick for Luke. And he managed to juggle everything really well. He didn’t go all macho on Jordan, which is such a TV cliché, instead, he gave Maia the space she needed and listened. When he realized Clary was in serious trouble, he rushed right over. He even helped Luke look for Ollie. Too bad that last one is going to land him in some real danger now that he’s on Lilith’s radar. Though I would like to see Lilith vs the Mark. 
Yikes: Speaking of Ollie, we should’ve known it was only a matter of time before she got caught up in something. I have to say, didn’t think it would be like this. If she makes it out of this alive, she’s going to be dealing with a similar situation to Jace’s, having killed her mother. I hope Luke finds a way to help her before she goes after her girlfriend. 

Best quotes: Catarina: “Don’t act like your some helpless 40-year-old warlock. You’re Magnus Bane.” 
Magnus: “Well this is certainly a surprise.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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