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Quote of the Week - April 22nd, 2018

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

The Americans -
1. Philip: "What was that?" Elizabeth: "None of your business." Philip: "Who were you telling her to sleep with?" Elizabeth: "No one. I was telling her NOT to sleep with someone."
2. Erica: "Is this it?" Nurse E: "I don't have much free time." Erica: "Free time? Kind of a funny phrase. Is that what you call this? Free time? There should be dozens of drawings in here." (DarkUFO)

Big Bang Theory - 
1. Sheldon: "WOW you look beautiful!" Amy: "Really cause I was going to return it." Sheldon: "Why would you return it, you look like a pile of swans." Amy: "So glad you like it, cause it's going to be my wedding dress." Sheldon: "I can't wait to marry you." (Shirleena and Prpleight)
(I share Penny and Bernadette['s opinion]. The dress is ugly. But, regardless, that’s how your finance should react when they see you in your wedding dress. It was just so sweet. -Prpleight)

Fear The Walking Dead -
1. Madison [to Alicia]: "I'm fine, Nick. Tell your sister I'll be there in a little while." Alicia: "What?" Madison: "Can anyone around here give me a courtesy laugh? I've survived out there on a lot less sleep." Alicia: "Yeah, and you were a lot crankier." (DarkUFO)

Grey's Anatomy - 
1. Nurse Olivia: "Is [Alex] still giving nurses syphilis, or has he moved on to gonorrhea?"
Jackson: "Absolutely not. There's no way a powerful black woman is gonna take the fall for a rich old white guy that couldn't keep his damn hands to himself."
2. Meredith: "You don't get to compare your grandfather and my mother.
My mother had to fight tooth and nail for every inch of ground she gained.
Harper Avery had everything except decency." (Nick Manesis)

The Handmaid’s Tale - 
1. Offred: “Friends don’t stone their friends to death.” (Marine Perot)

LA to Vegas - 
1. Artem: “What did I tell you? You had a bit of Vegas in you all along.” Colin: “Not only do I have some Vegas in me, old friend, I’ve become Vegas. My body is equal parts smoke, liquor, strip club flyers, and Guy Fieri donkey sauce.”
2. Bernard: “What am I giving him?” Ronnie: “You just have to pretend to care.” Bernard: “Ronnie, it’s not called pretend when you’re classically trained. It’s called technique.”
3. Ronnie: “What happened to Caroline?” Bernard: “I locked her in the jetway.” Ronnie: “What?” Bernard: “Don’t act so surprised, Bakersfield. At some point, every person in your family’s been locked up.” (Dahne)

The Last Man on Earth - 
1. Mike: “I cant wait to teach your babies how to smoke.” (Marine Perot)

Lethal Weapon - 
1. Riggs: “You know, my...my dad, he was a...he was a pretty rough guy, you know, and...uh, he used to hurt me when I was a little boy. So yesterday when you got hurt, I mean, that scared me to death. So look, if you want to play baseball, I’ll drive you down there. If you don’t want to play baseball, that’s fine. Either way, I’m gonna be right there by your side. I just want you to be happy.”
2. Riggs: “Relax, Rog. Riana’s a good kid. She makes good grades, you know. She…(sees a jacket that incriminates her) she’s a murderer. Sorry.”
3. Bowman: “Bailey’s on vacation. Her first in two years.” Roger: “Who approved that?” Riggs: “I don’t know, but it’s the most selfish thing I’ve heard all day.” Roger: “So selfish.” (Dahne)

Supergirl -
1. (J’onn talks his father down as chaos rains down around them caused by his father’s psychic bleeds, repeating Kara’s words) J'onn: “The son becomes the father.” (Donna Cromeans)
The Terror -
1. Goodsir: "This is going to get worse and worse. We need to let command know immediately." Stanley: "I will think it through and decide on a plan." Goodsir: "What is there to think through?" Stanley: "Your energies will cause a panic and that will not hep anyone here."
2. Jopson: "How do you feel?" Crozier: "Like Christ. With more nails."
3. Fitzjames: "Gentlemen, we always feel worse in the darker months." (DarkUFO)

Timeless - 
1. Mason: “I’m at the same crossroads as you, Robert. But what do I do? Do I walk away? Or fight back? And yes, maybe you made a deal with the devil and maybe you didn't, but this bad luck? It's gonna keep chasing you until you decide to stop, stand your ground, and fight. To Hell with oblivion." (Bex W)

Westworld - 
1. Young Ford: "Are you lost?" Man in Black: "No, I don't believe I am. In fact, I feel like I just arrived." (Milo M-J)
2. Dolores “What is real?” Arnold: "That which is irreplaceable.” (Marine Perot)

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