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Quantico - Fear and Flesh - Advance Preview - "Making Quantico Great Again!"

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Hi guys! How are you feeling about last week's episode? Did you guys enjoy the rebooted feel of the series? Did that revelation about Ryan and Shelby leave you reeling? Never fear! I'm back again to give you a sneak peek into tonight's episode and hopefully abate some feelings you may have.

This week's episode is my favorite episode I've seen thus far. Bio Terrorism is always a compelling and chilling event because it's just such a dirty war tactic and it's indiscriminate and so any show dealing with the fallout of these attacks will always have my attention.

What I also liked about this episode was the fact that it really sets the tone out the contained format of the season and the show begins to get back to most of the characters roots. The introduction the new characters was subtle and each one fits into the team seamlessly. While less so than seasons past, the show even tries to sprinkle a little bit of melodramatics in between all the action.

Without further ado, let's get into it! 

Previously on Quantico...

- The president, (Who may or may not be Claire Haas?) will grant Alex a full pardon if she participates in an FBI assembled a black-ops team lead by Owen to tackle missions.

- Alex left her life in Italy to join Owen's Elite Black Ops in order to keep Isabella and Andrea safe.

- Ryan, Shelby, Jocelyn, Owen and Harry also join the team.

- Ryan married Shelby in the 3 years since Alex left

- This elite force is very, very white.

Known intel about this Fear and Flesh:

- The team must stop a deadly strain of TB from being released onto unsuspecting public

- Ryan joins a white supremacy group

- A member of the team's life is at risk as a result

- Deep, Celine and Mike join the team!

The New Assets

This week we wrap up our black-ops team with regular character Mike McQuigg and reccuring characters Jagdeep “Deep” Patel and Celine fox.

Mike McQuigg: Remember when Ryan Booth was All American, loyal and full of sweet southern charm? Well that's how I'd describe Mike McQuigg. As we know he's an FBI agent deep undercover with a white supremacist group for over 2 years and despite all of that, it doesn't rub off on him at all. I'm not sure whether the audience will like this character, but I enjoyed watching him.

Celine Fox Celine isn't really focused on in this episode, which is a shame because the former rebel and Cirque du Soleil performer brings a different sort of eccentricity that the show is lacking this season. Unlike most newbies throughout the years, she seems unlike any character we've had in the past. She's cool, snarky and sarcastic with an aptitude for technology. If I had to, I'd say that maybe she's like Nimah and Iris? I can't wait to learn more about her!

Jagdeep Patel: FINALLY! Quantico has a Doctor, Doctor on the show! With all the gunfire and explosions, how the hell have these guys gotten by without one? I'd say he's probably the most "innocent" character on the team. His excitement for roadtrips, cars and his nervousness around cunfure

Covert Snippets and Quotes

- This week’s Quantico takes on one of it’s specialties, a storyline that’s been ripped from the headlines.

- Unlike Quantico episodes of past, I felt the episode lacks a strong statement on the issues and doesn’t offer any sort of discussion about the issues touched on. I think this plays well into the new format of focusing on story over character but I kinda miss that social conscious from the series.

- Ryan Booth is still a judgmental douche but at least it fits in with his new undercover gig.

- They say performers shouldn't work with kids and animals, but honestly Priyanka should work with kids every episode!

- We don't go into Shelby and Ryan's marriage this episode which is probably a good thing...

- The audience is reminded of how much of a Girl Boss Shelby Wyatt is! Something that has been completely overlooked in the past. #ShelbyWyattDeservesBetter

- "Peaceful lives are for other people Alex"

- There may be a new ship on the horizon for a member of the team.

- If you liked Caleb/Will’s relationship in season one, You’ll LOVE Deep and Harry's.

- Harry is back in fighting shape, he's got his humor and charm back although it's a little more grounded.

- Speaking of Harry, remember that fear test back on the farm? You'll see if Harry has overcome this pressure point or not.

- The dynamic duo of Alex and Harry are back.

- Shelby, Jocelyn and Celine are my new favorite girl trio.

- Laya DeLeon Hayes is a star on the rise! REMEMBER HER NAME!

- The final scene in the episode is a tearjerker and my SOTW!

Ralex Watch: You know THAT scene in the preview? It’s from this episode! All I can say about it is, calm seas do not make skillful sailors... You may get what you want, but not what you need from that

Priyanka Hair Update: I think her best looks were the ones where she was disheveled. For me it's her outfits that were killer this episode

Shirtless Montage Moments: We're still 0-2 at this point!

Quantico airs 10/9c Tonight!
Got any last minute questions? Let me know in the comments down below and I might be able to answer them! 

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