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Once Upon a time - Flower Girl & Is this Henry Mills - ' Why don't you make like a tree'

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Sadly, both these reviews are a little later than intended and with the last two-part finale set to air tomorrow, it's with a twinge of sadness I write this brief review.

I adored Once Upon a Time from the start and despite its few rocky patches it has been an outstanding series. Season 7, for the most part, has been disappointing and it’s a shame I came into reviewing the show when it wasn’t at its peak. After the two-part finale, I will be doing a roundtable review with some of my fellow Spoiler TV writers. From the recent press, we are promised a fantastic finale with returns from old characters and let’s hope everyone gets a happy ending.

So, let’s look at the past two weeks when the curse is broken, and a new hero arises.

Flower Girl

The premise of this episode was Gothel's backstory like the majority of characters within OUAT, Evil isn’t born its made.

So like the characters before her, we should feel sorry for Gothel shouldn't we?

Well, Gothel suffered humiliation and then the loss of her people. Not one Tree Nymph is left alive we are lead to believe and in turn, she rids the earth of all humanity. That was the twist Gothel wasn’t from another enchanted realm but this one.

My question, wasn't it Gothel's mother, Gothel was trying to resurrect with Robin so now we see her mother was all goodness. I am hoping this will be answered.

Gothel herself isn’t going to win mother of the year and now she realizes it was Tilly/ Alice whom she needed all along she tries to make amends. Tilly is smarter than this but when Roger’s may be a sacrificed she soon ends up doing Gothels bidding.

Roger’s doesn’t know what to believe and even Henry seems to be grasping some of the clues in regard to the truth, Are they in fact cursed and is his book real.

Lucy still believing true loves kiss will save the day enlists Samdi’s help to cure Henry ( remember Druzilla poisoned him) so he can kiss Jacinda and break the curse. The plan fails as when Henry finally kisses Jacinda the curse is not broken.

Dark times loom for not only Hyperion Heights but everyone if Gothel's plan succeeds and with her using Roger's to get Tilly to join her coven the magic circle is complete.

Gothel is probably the most emotionless villain we have seen, Even Cruella who was born evil at least showed happiness in her dark deeds and maybe gin. Gothel just seems very bland and its hard to sympathise with her storyline and backstory. I am guessing this was how she was instructed to play her after all she did have a child just so she could escape the tower. The villain I did like this season was Samdi/Facilier he has a charm to him, admittedly the charm of a snake but you knew his motivation.

Gothel wants the world to be back to a wilderness but extinction is a bit extreme.

Is This Henry Mills

From Storybrooke to Hyperion Heights we get a bit spun around a bit in this episode but don’t worry its all explained, The curse took them back in time, Roni comes to this conclusion very quickly and not really giving much more of an explanation.

In StoryBrooke, Henry Mills in his Senior year is trying to decide what to do with his life. Stay in StoryBrooke or go away to college. Of course, Mother Regina wants him close, but she does support his decision and even gives him some brochures. Later on, he receives a mysterious call that changes the path of his life.
It was good to see Mayor Mills again, not that I dislike Roni, her bat wielding skills are awesome but I like the haughtiness of Regina.

Meanwhile, in Hyperion Heights, Gothel's coven is cooking up something worse than the curse.
Lucy goes to Roni not understanding why the curse did not break. Gothel appears to taunt Lucy and Roni as to why it didn't work. Henry has the heart of the truest believer so what went wrong.
It’s a fact as we grow up we become less open to the fantasy and more the harsh truth of reality. Henry’s cursed life has been full of sorrow and this has crushed his beliefs.
Roni And Lucy try desperately to convince him and even the potion, you remember the one everyone gets given to remember does not work (again why not as in the past on non-believers it has worked). One good thing despite her anger Roni/Regina has a sort of a truce with Weaver /Rumple. As it was he who gave her the potion for Henry.

Roger’s who is still tied up manages to escape but is unable to break Tilly away from the circle/coven, in fact, it hurts his chest. He talks with Weaver who confirms he isn’t going mad but they are cursed and with Magic back, the curse on him and his daughter is also there too. Remeber if Nook gets near Alice it will kill him because they are cursed. Weaver and Rogers go to Margot for help hoping she can break through to Tilly but Tilly’s magic repels them all.

Lucy is unhappy with Henry after Roni’s failed attempt to convince him he is Henry Mills, Roni even managed to slip the adoption paperwork she had Weaver uncover in his bag. Being curious Henry calls the number on the papers and speaks to his younger self in Storybrooke just before his graduation party. Soon the memories come back and he hugs Lucy and goes to help Roni/Regina

Roni is fighting with Gothel but bringing a bat to a witch fight does not work. The curse still needs to be broken and when Henry finds his mother unconscious it is his kiss on her forehead that breaks the curse. I liked this little twist though I did wonder if it would be Tilly and Margot for true loves kiss. This is the second time Henry has broken a curse with a kiss to his mothers head.

As the curse breaks it awakens Tilly/Alice and her and Margot/Robin are reunited. The circle is broken but it seems Alice may be the only one powerful enough to defeat Gothel when Regina fails.

Alice has Robin and Nook holding her hand (yes Hook is in pain but believes the sacrifice is worth it ) Using love over hate she easily defeats Gothel.
Alice's magic is white and pure not tainted by Evil (you will notice its white like Emma’s and Gothel’s is red like Regina). Turning Gothel into a tree is rather poetic seeing as that would have been Alice’s fate if she finished her spell.
The flowers at the bottom where a nice touch but sadly looks like her father and her are still cursed as Rogers/Hook is on a stretcher. Being too close damaged his heart.

The curse is broken but when Rumple goes to find his dagger he believes Facilier has struck. Confronting Facilier he stops himself from killing him but Facilier is dealt with swiftly by the dreams world Rumple. Yes, its Rumple verses well, Rumple. So how do you fight yourself?

Samdi/ Facilier prompt demise shows it was a very quick tidying up of loose ends most likely due to the cancellation and I am guessing a bigger story arc was planned maybe to make him the villain if another season came around. I also hope all questions are answered and plot gaps fixed to give this show the finale it deserves.

The highlights of the episode were Henry speaking to his younger self, younger Henry Mills true college letter that Regina reads as we see everyone reunited in Hyperion Heights and Alice whom not only is the new saviour /Guardian but probably the most powerful person of them all.

A more in-depth look at the breaking of the curse and this season as well as the finale will be up after the two parts have aired.

So what were your thoughts on how the curse was broken?

Did you feel the ending of the curse rushed?

What are your hopes for the end of the show?

Please post in comments below

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