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Mom - Phone Confetti and a Wee Dingle/Diamond Earrings and a Pumpkin Head - Double Review: "Never Come Back to Nevada"

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Things are looking pretty rough for the Plunketts going into the season finale of Mom.

Patrick's engaged to the fitness model he started dating right after he and Christy broke up. Bonnie's got other things on her mind though. She and Adam are scheduled to go on a weekend trip to a spa resort in Reno. It's even got a "partial" mountain view! (The other half is a parking lot!)

Christy's gone into full-on pity party mode. (She's got the roll of cookie dough and everything!) So, Adam suggests Bonnie take her to Reno instead (Calgary and Alberta also so happen to be in the playoffs that weekend. He's not to bummed out about missing his spa vacation!)

On the way to Reno, Christy makes Bonnie stop at a Dairy Queen for a feel-better chocolate Blizzard. (Blizzards make me feel better too, Christy.) While Christy's inside ordering and Bonnie's singing her heart out in the car, a cop stops Bonnie for not having a license plate. Bonnie explains that it's her daughter's new car and the plates are probably laying in a stack of mail. Barney Fife tells her he's still going to need her license and registration. Which is a bit of probable - considering Bonnie's got $2185 worth of unpaid parking tickets from a very "eventful" week leading up to Y2K.

At the station, the sheriff sends off his over-eager deputy to patrol a bunch of middle schoolers and tells Christy that there's a hotel with a high limit ATM 12 miles down the road. Christy heads off and calls Adam (who got high "the minute" she and Bonnie left the house) to send the money.

Back at the jail, Bonnie and the sheriff hit it off after he reveals his teenage daughter is a burgeoning juvenile delinquent and she attempts to give him advice from her many years of both being and raising a delinquent. He even lets her out of the cell and doesn't chase her when she makes a run for it, ("It's 110 degrees out there and we're in the middle of nowhere.") because he knows she'll give up and come back, which she quickly does. As Bonnie talks about Christy's teenage years, she mentions the numerous addictions she picked up along the way - drugs, booze, gambling. This gets the sheriff's attention. "Well, I just sent her to an ATM in the middle of a casino," he tells Bonnie.

Sure enough, Christy's getting busy at the casino gambling away all $2185 worth of Bonnie's bail money. When Christy realizes how much she's screwed up, she calls the only rich person she knows - Jill. Jill (who's in the middle of a "tennis lesson" that consists of her and the instructor making out in her car) sends her the money. The only problem - Christy gambles that away too!

Christy finally shows back up at the jail empty-handed, but the sheriff, grateful for his talk with Bonnie, lets her go anyways. Once on the road, everything seems to be back on track - except here comes the flashing red and blues again! "You didn't do anything illegal in Nevada, did you?" Bonnie asks. "We're about to find out," Christy says.

Thankfully, when the next episode starts, Christy and Bonnie seem to have made it home unscathed. In fact, Christy's celebrating her five year sober birthday and getting ready to graduate college. After the meeting, the girls give Christy diamond earrings for a graduation present.

Christy's been picking up extra shifts to pay back the money she owes Adam and Jill. After one of her shifts, Chef Rudy approaches her with an "investment opportunity." "Rudy, I'm not selling fake Japanese knives out of the trunk of my car again," she says. But, she's not talking about Japanese knives. He's talking about a poker game. Although Christy resists, Rudy eventually talks her into it. And there goes that tip money to pay back gambling binge number one...

At Christy's graduation party, everyone gathers to celebrate her. Nora gives her a fancy pen for a graduation gift and Marjorie, who's got some serious sponsorship jealousy going on with Nora, tells Christy to show everyone the diamond earrings they gave her. But she's not wearing them.

Christy says she forgot them (and then she says she didn't wear them because she didn't want to lose them). Everyone quickly sees through her lie. It becomes obvious to the whole party that Christy lost them gambling. And Bonnie goes off- absolutely over-the-rails off. Christy storms out.

Back at home, Christy's nowhere to be found. Adam tells Bonnie that even though Christy needs an intervention, Bonnie probably shouldn't have done it in the middle of her graduation party. Bonnie goes out looking for Christy and eventually finds her walking the streets still in her gown. Although Christy doesn't want to get in the car, Bonnie keeps following her, telling her that the last time she ran away Bonnie let her go and she didn't see her for two years. Christy eventually gives up (She did decide to run away in high heels!) and gets in. Bonnie apologizes for losing it in the middle of the party but insists that she does have a problem that needs to be addressed.

Christy tells Bonnie that she doesn't want to admit she has another addiction because she can't possibly be that broken. Bonnie tells her that she can be.

After an AA meeting, Christy apologizes to the girls for gambling away the earrings. Afterward, they head out to eat but Christy says she has something to do. She walks down the hall and into the Gamblers Anonymous meeting.

When Christy arrives home, she finds Bonnie sitting on the couch. She tells her that she went to the Gamblers Anonymous meeting and is committed to getting her problem under control. She even got her first-day pen. (Gamblers Anonymous doesn't do chips, for obvious reasons!)

Bonnie mentions that Christy has a piece of mail that she needs to open. Christy opens it...and it's her acceptance to law school! (Which of course Bonnie already knows about because she already opened it!) Christy's gonna need $150,000 to pay for it, but that's a problem for another time because she's in!

Random Thoughts:
-Was I the only one who got Adam's Mayberry reference? Maybe it's because I'm literally from the area in North Carolina that inspired Mayberry or maybe it's just because I'm a huge TV nerd. Either way, I can't believe Christy didn't get that!

-I'm going to love it if Adam can teach Gus to fetch beer.

-I love that Bonnie admitted she missed Gus more than Adam. Yeah, I miss my dog more then my family when I'm away too!

-Best lines go to Bonnie, when she tries to explain her December of '99 Y2K parking ticket spree ("Anyway, we realized, people freaking out, good time to sell a lot of drugs. So we hopped in our car with our hearts full of hope and a trash-bag full of Mexican Quaaludes.") and when she's discussing Christy's graduation ("Don't you worry, I will show up this time fully clothed.")

Do ya'll think Christy will be able to handle her gambling addiction? How will she come up with the money to pay for law school? It's been so much fun reviewing Mom this year and I'll see ya'll in the fall. Until then, I'm off to float around in my wimpy above-ground pool and eat WAY too much ice cream!

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