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Mom - Ocular Fluid and Fighting Robots - Review: "Bonnie Anonymous"

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Most people's dream does not include being 40 years old and roommates with their mother. Christy's certainly doesn't.

Bonnie is even more mean then normal because she thinks Adam's stopped putting any effort into their relationship, and, as usual, she's driving Christy up the wall. After a day of being at each other's throats, Nora, as well as Wendy, Marjorie, and Jill leave Christy with a big question. Why the hell does she still live with her mother?

Jill mentions that she needs another roommate, and although Christy loves the place, she realizes that the dinnertime conversations of three nurses (oozing eyeballs and puss spurting tumors) are a little more than she can handle. Unfortunately, Jill's apartment was about the only reasonable place in her price range. Her other options include a "studio apartment" (converted guest bathroom) and a basement "out of Silence of the Lambs."

At the next meeting, Christy tells Nora that she's looked at her options - and they don't include moving out. Nora tells Christy that if's she's going to keep living with Bonnie, she needs to change her outlook. She's got to stop saying mean things to or about Bonnie. She can only be nice to her. In fact, when Bonnie makes her mad, she's got to silently do something nice for her. Umm.. why?

As crazy as it sounds, Christy takes Nora's advice. She starts doing nice things every time Bonnie makes her mad. She picks up her junk, does her laundry, makes her bed - you name it. Nora's rule about not being allowed to take credit backfires though - big time. Bonnie assumes Adam's been doing all the nice things to suck up to her.

Christy's anger rages on. Nora tells her to keep on trying. With Bonnie and Adam in a bit of a standoff, each determined to have the last word, Christy tells Adam that he and Bonnie need to stop treating their relationship like a war and fix things.

Bonnie and Adam finally start getting back on good terms, Christy realizes Nora's plan might have worked. For a moment, she's not angry at Bonnie because she's too busy being happy for her.

After their fight, Bonnie and Adam even decide to take the next step and send out Save the Date cards. Christy's even a little bit sad that she's finally starting to love her mom and soon she will be leaving.

Random Thoughts:
-Nora being a weatherwoman seems very appropriate - she gets to be wise and all knowing, even at work!

-Gus! GUS! GUS! GUS!

-Best line goes to Bonnie. "I have fun making other people cry." We know you do, Bonnie.

-Y'all help me out. What the hell is a crisper?

Were you surprised that Adam and Bonnie actually moved forward with the wedding planning? Is Christy going to be living on her own soon? Let me know what you think below!

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