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Imposters - Andiamo - Review: "You And Your Felonious Friends"

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Previously on Imposters, Maddie tried to open up in therapy but was plagued by memories of her past and worries about those closest to her, the Bumblers tried to make their way back to America, Max and Sally took Ezra's family hostage and Patrick made the decision to go to Indiana to try and find Maddie.

In Mexico, Ezra is obviously worried about his family and what Max will do to them, but Richie tries to calm him down with breathing exercises and getting him to visualise his plan on getting back to America. They make their way to the rendezvous point, but surely it can't be as easy as the plan Ezra has in his mind.

We join Maddie just as she's finished telling her story to Gail, and it seems as though she has told her the truth about her occupation and what exactly she's been doing to the people she's been letting get close to her. Maddie admits that she wants out of her life, but she knows that turning on The Doctor would lead to her death, and after so long pretending to be what other people want, she has absolutely no idea who she wants to be herself. Gail gives her some frank advice, and a band that she's required to snap whenever she feels the urge to lie. Maddie is of course skeptical, but she agrees to do so. It's definitely a step in the right direction for her, but her old life won't be so easy to give up.

We cut to Ezra and Sofia who are alternating between passionately kissing in public and going over the plan. Sofia is to meet Ezra later that day and travel with them and the coyote to America. Ezra asks her if she's doing it because she wants to be with him or because she wants the 10% from the sale of the ring, and she doesn't give a straight answer....not that that's suspicious for a con artist to do at all. Even with them supposedly being head over heels for each other, they can't stop stealing from each other and pickpocketing the other even as a joke. There is absolutely no way this is going to be a long-term thing, and sooner rather than later I can see one of them screwing the other over. Ezra's face at the end of the scene may indicate that he's come to a similar realisation.

It appears that it may not be as easy for the Bumblers to leave Mexico, just as I thought, as the Mexican Federal Police pay a visit to Herman where he tips them off about the Bumblers needing cash in exchange for $400. They'll need to get out of town pretty soon before they're found out, otherwise it'll probably be a one-way trip to jail.

At the wellness centre, Maddie overhears the arrival of two detectives, and instantly presumes that they are there for her and the phone call she made after Shelley's attack. Her fight or flight response kicks in and she can't help but lie and make a run for it, stealing money and car keys to make sure that she can make it out of there. The framing of the scene makes it seem like there isn't any hope for her, but the detectives seem to be getting counselling from Gail to try and improve their partnership. Did Maddie just overreact or where they there for her as well?

In Mexico, Jules goes to pick up the money, but it doesn't seem to be there. Slightly frantic, she asks the teller to check it again as she seems to be inputting the wrong name, but just as she does, Poppy appears behind her. She's there to rescue her! Sorry Poppy, but there are just some things you might not be able to fix. As Jules brings Poppy up to speed on the situation she's gotten herself in, she agrees to give her the money and help her, but on the condition that she goes home once she's across the border. As Jules meets up with Richie and Ezra, Richie takes a shine to Poppy, but that may only be because it comes to light that Maddie was basing Alice on Poppy, down to her perfume, favourite movie and speech mannerisms.

As the Bumblers and Poppy make their way back, Jules confesses that she feels like she belongs in Mexico. In turn, Ezra tries to get her to stay, but Jules won't as long as Ezra's family isn't safe. He manages to convince her to return once they make their way across the border, but she's only doing that so they'll have access to Poppy's money. Their friendship is one of the bright spots in this season so far, and I really hope they don't follow through in separating them.

In Indiana, Patrick and Agent Cook have made their way to Maddie's parents' house, where they make Maddie's mom aware of the kind of life her daughter has been leading, and the exact danger she might be finding herself in. Patrick however let's his personal feelings cloud the conversation, and Maddie's mom does not react favourably to him. Even though she suspected that her daughter was lying, she didn't, or doesn't seem to be aware of what the truth exactly is.

We cut to Maddie, who reaches out to Max. He quickly susses that she's out of options, but she won't allow herself to admit it. He wants her to come in and talk to The Doctor and even tries to convince her that it won't be that bad, but Maddie isn't having it at all. He asks her where she is, and alarm bells are clearly ringing as she drops the call. We later see her go so far as to buy a gun. Someone is undoubtedly going to get hurt before the season is up.

In Mexico, the Bumblers and Poppy get to the rendezvous point, but with an hour and a half to wait before Sofia gets there, and two hours before the coyote leaves, they have time to kill. They go to a local market for some food and shopping, and Ezra and Richie toast goodbye to Jules, but their farewell is cut short when the police turn up and catch a glimpse of them. With officers on their tails, they make a run for it through apartments and the streets. They manage to find Miguel, but he refuses to leave for another hour (boy, that hour sure went quick). They protest, and with him feeling overwhelmed, he allows them to travel with a friend of his. They manage to hide out in the trunks of Jesus' cars just before the police arrive, but it's a closer call than any of them would have liked.

The episode ends with us catching up with Max and co, as they're still travelling in the car, Maddie, who is seemingly on her way home, and Sofia, who is waiting for the Bumblers, who are obviously no longer in Mexico and have left without her.

Were you surprised Sofia showed up? Do you think it's wise for Maddie to go back home? Let me know in the comments.

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