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For The People - Have You Met Leonard Knox? - Review: Not Cool

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After a two-week hiatus For The People with a brand new outing mainly focusing on Leonard and who he truly is? The episode was written by series creator Paul William Davies and directed by Daisy Mayer

I was quite annoyed by how Leonard`s story started and how the story unfolded but by the end of the episodes, I was very pleased. Leonard was portrayed as the stellar narcissistic head through the wall wannabe Alpha Male and this episode succeeded to break down all these stereotypes and reshape them into something more human, someone you can relate too. Personally, I think many of us can resonate with the Leonard and his way of building a mask an intangible personality that must be there cause he grew up in a surrounding where any weakness was punishable.

And still, if you don`t like Leonard`s braggy and slightly snobby attitude as a person and attorney the writers still succeeded to portray him as a complex character with true dedication to his body and craft but with sometimes unclear motives. In Leonard´s closing, Rege-Jean perfectly executed the words written by series creator Paul William Davies and brought in a range of emotions we previously didn`t see from his character.

The episode still delivered a couple of amazing Kate-Leonard moments. Their chemistry is truly palpable and you can feel how much the two of them care about each other and how well they know each other. They know how much they hate losing and how invested and dedicated they are to anything they do. The similarities they share keep them close enough but their opposites attract them to each other. Kate`s "relationship" with Anya is something I want to see more explored but the chemistry between Kate and Leonard is undeniable. So I really wonder what solution the writers will come up to this predicament.

Back when the when the show premiere I was all team Defenders but my allegiances shifted towards the Prosecutors as their interactions are so funny but still heartfelt. It is really enjoyable to watch them show tidbits of humanity under their rough rough skin. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that Seth got another case and that he once again stood his ground and this time he faced the Dragonslayer herself, Sandra Bell. It was interesting to see the writers explore the relationship between the boyfriend and best friend and the writers did a great job in exploring their past and present in a very limited time frame.

Surprisingly I just asked in the last episode`s review for more Jay and Seth screen time and here we got it. Jay got a fairly interesting case and he was very sweet in how he ended up with his crash with Lara and how precautious he was in that regard. It is obvious that Jay hasn`t the biggest confidence or that he believes in himself. So it was nice to see him score these wins this week. His scenes with Tina were adorable and the dose of confidence she gave him was really what he needed at that moment. Somone believing in you can make you move mountains, especially when you have a high opinion of that person.

P.S. Allison was very well used in this episode. She had some funny moments with Jay and those tennis references and serious relationships managing her and Sandra`s relationship. The writers do a great job in balancing out the screen time of all the characters.

Did you resonate with Leonard and the case he fought for? Did you enjoy the other characters story? Sound off in the comment section down below and enjoy in the final 3 episodes coming during the May Sweeps Tuesdays on ABC at 10pm.

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