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For The People - Double Review - Flippity-Flop & Extraordinary Circumstances

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Sorry for the delay in reviews but with the whole pick up, cancellation and renewal drama last week I really wasn`t able to write anything constructive. I write this review with great pleasure as FTP got a (pitty TGIT) renewal giving us 10 more great episodes for the 2018/2019 season. Let`s get down and dirty with the last two episodes of For The People.


Shondaland shows are known for tackling difficult and morally questionable topics and challenge their characters to unusual limits and challenging their views and beliefs. The case of Kirk Kenner was one that really got under my skin. Defending the "bad guy" was a task Jill and Sandra weren`t really ready to do at least in this situation. Kirk is a DA official that went in 5 cases against Jill and the animosity between them was palpable. This whole case was taken to a whole new level with Jill and Roger taking the forefronts and going up against each other. The energy that comes out of their scenes is captivating and so engaging. Very well cast and the level of comfort the actors feel is obvious and the way they trust the material they are handling is obvious. Their closings were completely different but so impressionable that they blurred the lines, even more, making me as a viewer uncertain for who to cheer for.

The interactions between Leonard and Sandra, who are pretty much Mini-me versions of Roger and Jill was certainly entertaining. It is interesting how similar the two of them are and how much of each other they see and fear in the other. Not really sure where the writers intend to go with their interaction. Will they hook up? Will they just be rivals? No clue but quite interested to see the direction they will take.

Kathe Littlejohn the Animal Prosecutor was a truly hilarious story to follow this the very heavy central case. You goota love Kate and her shade induced attiutude and dedication she puts into every case she gets. The awkwardness she felt throughout the case was well written and Susannah Flood had a field day with the material she got. The case just getting thrown out made it just that much better.
Another very strong point in this episode were the scenes between Seth and Kate which continue to bring laughs and poignant character moments, creating more complex characters as we get more and more insight into them.

The Jay heavy story was something the character really needed and Weesam really went for it. His performance was truly convincing and getting to see more of his family was well appreciated. The respect and admiration Jay has for his father is really old school and beautiful. More people should have that type of moral code and respect towards their parents. Jay`s scenes with his dad and Tina were really strong and made me appreciate the character more. Hoping Jay does get a chance to go up against Kate till the end of the season he does deserve it.

Jay: I would rather get food poisoning than talk to Kate Littlejohn.

Extraordinary Circumstances

Roger: A little team work won`t kill you. It might time will tell.

One quote from Roger and this already turned into one of my favorite episodes of the season so far. As already said in previous reviews the Prosecutor team took over the lead and turned into my preferred bunch of lawyers. Kate, Seth, and Leonard working together was an amazing story to follow. The three of them are polar opposites and their banter and superiority complexes clashing at each other was Shondaland drama at its finest. The episode was well written and let the actors have a run with it.

Seth coming to a solution to their problem after finding out Kate was hiding her relationship with Anya from Leonard was another brilliant scene that had me rolling on the sofa. To quote Seth here:

Seth: Let's bet on human vanity, insecurity, and paranoia.

The final scene between Leonard and Kate, where he tells her she deserves something good was a major tease and this game the writers are playing is slightly annoying me at this point but I let it slide for now. I just hope they won`t break up Kate and Anya cause they are really good at this point it is really working for her character. Anya is giving Kate individual space to show more of hersefl and what is even more important space to grow.

The Rom-com feels were strong when Jill and Roger met at a convention and brought all the feels. Their scenes were truly mesmerizing and Ben Shenkman was outstanding. I love a well written strong man who isn`t afraid of showing his feelings and go for the woman he wants. Roger knows Jill so well and his approach was so tailor-made for her. All their scenes were set up perfectly and made me appreciate every single moment.

Sandra meanwhile faced one of her biggest fears, Hospitals! Among Britt`s best performances on the show. She really grew a lot as an actress over the years and this was something new and challenging for Sandra and seeing her go through all the emotion and stress was captivating and drew me in completely. Also, the way it was written and directed, with the police/FBI brutality upped the whole message this story sends. I`m glad Jay got through for Sandra but it somehow felt forced at times, their scenes didn`t feel authentic not really a fan of their interaction so far. Britt once again delivered as she told her story to Jay and made my little heart bleed a little bit as we finally found out what happened to her Mother and why she hates hospitals.

Dramatic turns and twists in the latest two episodes of For the People. Did you enjoy these two episodes? What are your expectations for the final episode? What twist are you expecting to go down on us? Don`t forget to tune into the season finale on Tuesday 10pm on ABC

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