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Empire - Fair Terms - Review

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This season of Empire is heading to its ending. With a bunch of new characters and the evolution of all the storylines that have started in the previous episodes, I have to say that I’m quite satisfied with season 4. Let’s summarize what happened.

Andre tells to Lucious and Thirsty that Anika is trying to convince Empire's board members to reject Eddie's resignation. In order to render Anika's moves useless, they need Shyne's vote. After Shyne’s killing, he is now dead and clearly not available to outdo the support Anika has gained. At Shyne's memorial, Lucious talks with Tiffany in order to convince her to fill Shyne's seat at the board but she refuses because she knows that Nessa who was Shyne's protégé didn’t want to have anything to do with them. In the end, she changed her mind.

This episode explores even more Cookie’s mother and her relationship with her daughters. In fact, Cookie realizes that her mother kept a watch on them over the years, causing her to try to fix their relationship.

Empire productions can’t catch a break: at the 20 for 20 concert, a photo emerges of Blake having the Nazi salute while his father holds a Confederate flag. This clearly puts Empire's reputation at risk. Tiana and other artists don’t want to be part of a racist label and so they decline to distract the press. The only one who offers help is Eddie, but Lucious vehemently says no. Tension rises between the Lyons patriarch and Eddie at the glare of the cameras, as the latter with the help of the board takes Empire’s control.

I really enjoyed this episode. It was full of twists and turns and at the same time, it was focused also on the family dynamics. I am really enjoying Cookie’s mother and I hope she will stick around. Let’s wait to watch what the writers have in mind.

And you? What do you think of Fair Terms?

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