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Deception - Multiple Outs - Review + POLL

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'Multiple Outs' explored the timeline of '99 to Fool One' through Cameron's eyes.

The episode started off with a flashback showing young Cameron being trapped in a barrel by his dad and forced to escape it while handcuffed. As this flashback unfolded throughout the episode, we see Jonathan coming to the aid of his twin brother, urging him on and giving him the mental strength to break free.

This was a brilliant use of a flashback, as it showed viewers the roots of this unbreakable bond between the siblings, while also tying into their present-day predicament as Jonathan urged his brother on to fight for his life while trapped in a deoxygenating room.

I regret writing in my last review that I expected one of the brothers to die. Cutmore-Scott has been doing a tremendous job in differentiating between the two brothers and bringing life to their relationship, which has quickly become the heart and soul of this show.

'Multiple Outs' also put the Mysterious Woman on a pedestal. It was great to finally see some personality, albeit a cunning and ruthless personality, where she had no hesitations in murdering her own right-hand man, Bishop. This was a disappointing turn of events, as Billy Zane is such a fun character actor and there was so much more to explore with Bishop after only just introducing him a few episodes ago. But, alas.

After episode's end, there still weren't any answers to who this woman is and what the significance of this diamond is. There were just more questions, as we intriguingly find out that this bastardly plot has something to do with the Black's lineage.

And in the last reveal to close off the episode, we get another flashback where the femme fatale meets a young Jonathan, who shows her the stars. In present day she realizes she chose the wrong brother.

Though we still don't have any answers to anything, the main overarching story nevertheless continues to intrigue. The storytelling in Multiple Out was sleekly written and directed with pizazz, with a lot of heart and emotion to boot.

This little known ABC magician show has certainly pulled many tricks out of its sleeve these past several episodes, and every second of it has been thoroughly enjoyable.


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