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Code Black - Better Angels - Review: "Spotlight" + POLL

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Never doubt Code Black`s ability to surprise and put some unexpected twists in some good old fashioned stories. Directed by PJ Pesce and written by David Marshall Grant, Better Angels had an unexpected start, beautiful finish and a lot of self-discovery in between.

Dancers die Twice

A very impactful and beaitful story that finally made me warm up to Noa. Previously a not much observed or surprising performance by Emily Tyra. She was never a bad character she just never stood out or delivered something overly emotionally gripping. Introducing Miles Glanton, a well known Ballet dancer (played by Reign`s Will Kemp) finally gave Noa space to shine and make an emotional impression on me. Their interaction delivered some emotional resonance giving Noa some edges and creating a more complex character in the process.

Will Kepm also delivered a fairly impressive performance, he really found a deeply emotional place within himself so he could tell this story. Ver nice to see this.

Also compared to last week where the Mario-Noa relationship drama was the main focus, this week it was sidelined and let them develop their connection within the character stories and not make their relationship the story.

Uncertain future

Didn`t see that opening sequence come. Fascinated by all the angles, sparkles and outfit changes, the little musical performance by the whole cast of Code Black was one of the best performance TV gave us. The pipes on Marcia Gay Harden, William Allen Young, and Emily Tyra left me speechless and wanting for more. The musical number was a nice change of pace in the usually grim world of Code Black.

Mario and Angus handling the case of the Psychic patient with a tumor in her abdomen was not that interesting as it allowed us to delve into the beautiful relationship between the two work brothers. Their relationship is definitely one of the best parts of the show and both characters thrive as they share scenes together. Mario saying Angus just misses them and Angus squirming over the potential error he made just made me smile so much. The honesty and endearing energy they share on screen are just so enjoyable. Also seeing them freak out over the Psychic`s words was hilarious.


This episode featuring a good dose of Mama and Papa made this another winner in my book. Also, I sure didn`t mind former Bird of Prey alumni Dina Meyer to push her way through this story. As the wife of a Congressman out there to protect her social position, Dina Meyer`s Joan prepared her fangs and claws to do whatever she has to.

Leanne and Jesse interacting and fighting for the woman in need, had a nice emotional tie as Leanne transferred this possibility to her adopted daughter Ariel. I`m glad we´re getting this extra dose of Leane this season and it makes this season so much better in general. Leanne is an integral part of the show and we need her in the focus. Her mentoring scenes with Eliott were great as well, and even though I found her response a bit cold in regards of the dead cop from last week, she is right. Eliott overthinking the situation makes him a lesser doctor and puts other patients in danger.

Avila continues to annoy but think we should appreciate a character like this. Having completely BS-free workplace seems unlikely. Also, many different people enter the world of medicine out of the wrong reasons and Avila is certainly there for the wrong reasons. I do think he is in for a great character journey and wonder if they will be able to change the views on him.

Grow A Pair

And while we`ve only got one short Rox-Ethan scene this week, the interaction was enough to spark my imagination of a hot hook up between them. Still, Ethan`s story with the BFFs in love and dying simultaneously had its charms. Abigail and Danny were a wicked pairing and they played well with Ethan and created a strong story to follow this episode. I was glad that both of them survived at the end and the scene were they release the ashes was perfectly shot and the background score. Whoever chose the song for this scene deserves an Award.

The Psychic mentioning Ethan`s brother was a very chilly moment, still, I`m very much excited to see how the story will unfold.

That`s a wrap from me guys. Excited to hear your thoughts on Better Angels in the comment section below and don`t forget to tune in live Wednesdays at 10 pm if you want to see another season of Code Black next season.

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