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Young Sheldon - A Mother, A Child & A Blue Man's Butt - Review: Mary 1, Sheldon 0

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Written by David Bickel, Chuck Lorre, Steven Molaro and directed by Jaffar Mahmood. Guest starring Cleo King as Mrs. Costello.

Mary and Sheldon Cooper have declared war on each other and Mary is always one step ahead.

After she's caught reading a copy of Cosmopolitan, Missy points out to Mary that Sheldon's comic books are full of naked superheroes with blue butts and fronts.

Mary is furious and on a rampage towards the poor guy at the comic book store. But Sheldon is there with Tam and is humiliated by his mother's outburst.

Mary: "he's a little boy, the same size as the dolls you sell here." Comic Book Guy: "those are action figures, ma'am."

She drags Sheldon out anyway. Mary: "I'm going to send my husband to talk to you, he's way scarier than me." CBG: "I doubt that."

Poor, apologetic Tam decides to stay. Tam to CBG: "I'm not related to them."

Sheldon tries to convince his mom that comic books aren't dirty like Cosmo or whatever Georgie hides in his bedroom's heating vent. Mary isn't buying it and confiscates the comic books in question. Sheldon tells her to take his bible, too because it's filled with adultery, genocide and human sacrifice. Doesn't work.

Sheldon's had it. He is not going to lose his beloved, filled with science heroes, comic books. He argues that because he's so smart he should be treated like an adult and Mary agrees. This is not going to be pretty.

Sheldon's first adult assignment is to cook his own dinner. Me maw and the rest of the family want to run to his rescue, but Mary is one tough lady and won't allow it. This new tough as nails Mary is too much for George to handle. He loves it!

Sheldon: "cookbooks are just a set of instructions." But cooking fried chicken does not go as planned. Sheldon: "the dish soap gave it a nice lemony taste."

Mary is keeping her cool and isn't giving into Sheldon; thinking it's good to let him see how hard it is to be an adult. Even when he calls her Mary, she doesn't falter.

The next assignment is tucking himself into bed with no good night kiss, he passes. Making his school lunch the next day isn't as easy. No matter how much Sheldon taps on the jelly jar lid, he can not get it open.

Not even when his mom won't sign his science museum permission slip, and he is furious, can he get that damn lid open.

Sheldon decides to go to his guidance counselor to start applying to colleges. He wants his mom to 'cry herself to sleep; missing him.' Mrs. Costello is played by the incredible Cleo King. I loved her in the Hangover and everything she's ever been in.

Mrs. Costello starts with Cal Tech, but Sheldon does not trust the 'California carefree lifestyle', just wait. MIT, but it's mainly for engineering. Sheldon: "NEXT!" He doesn't like the cold, but he does look good in maroon, so Harvard it is!

When Mrs. Costello suggests picking a safety school, Sheldon's response: "you're funny."

At dinner that night, Sheldon reveals his news, but Mary quickly shuts him down, informing him that college applications require a fee. This woman is not quitting and her husband is still "digging it."

Sheldon enjoys his dinner of English muffins with ketchup and spray cheese and Missy regales the family with her day at school. Missy: "I cut open a frog at school today." Mary: "for science class?" Missy: "sure."

Meanwhile, Georgie is trying to convince his dad that he is responsible. Though George is impressed with Georgie's perfectly clean room, finding all of his garbage behind the door is not impressive.

In hopes of making enough money to apply to Harvard and win this battle with his mom, Sheldon applies at his favorite store: the illustrious Radio Shack.

The manager asks for his resume, but all Sheldon has is a report card 'that'll knock your socks off.' While he's denied employment, he helps a man with his computer purchase anyway.

But he's told he's just too young and even though he acts like an old man, it's not enough.

Sheldon's grown up voiceover: "in future years when you're wondering why Radio Shack went out of business, you can point to this moment."

Sheldon turns to the one person who is allowed to call him moon pie: me maw. But the only work she has available is pulling weeds in her yard. He hates everything about gardening and her garden gnome scares him.

Me maw: "Ernesto has that effect on people."

So, Sheldon sets to work in me maw's floppy gardening hat and gloves. Sheldon: "did you check those gloves for spiders?" Me maw: "is this my first day as me maw?" Love Annie Potts.

Back at home, Missy's Bugs Bunny cartoon keeps getting interrupted by a tornado warning. Poor Missy. Mary can't get Sheldon to come home until the tornado siren goes off. This even has carefree me maw worried.

The family hunkers down in the bathroom and Mary does some major praying. And thankfully their neighborhood is spared any major damage. The bad news is that 'Mary thinks that she had something to do with it.'

Me maw's house is still standing and George is just a little relieved. Me maw: "you're just worried that I'd have to move in with you."

Sheldon hugs his mother, holding on tight, not letting go. I nominated this beautiful scene in our Scene Of The Week article, check it out!

I think this feud is over and I don't think that Sheldon will be leaving home anytime soon. Those 'carefree lifestyle Californians' will just have to wait a few years

It was nice to see Mary giving Sheldon such a tough time. She tends to coddle him and it is very obvious that he is her favorite. But we saw signs of the future Mary Cooper whose Sheldon's friends always call when they have a problem with him.

Favorite moments: Missy can't spell dumb. And me maw saying to Georgie: "you're not even your father's third favorite."

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