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The Resident - Haunted - Review: "(Not) Too Good At Goodbye"

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“Guilt is to the spirit what pain is to the body.”

This week, “The Resident” followed the doctors and nurses of Chastain as they come to terms with Lily’s death, or at least try to. It was a great episode of the show as it focused more on the characters, than it did the medicine, as they tackle subject of guilt.

Devon was spot on when it came to diagnosing Conrad and his guilt. After a collision with a cyclist while out on his run, the resident badly sprains his ankle but refuses to get treated. In fact, he makes a mission out of walking on it; he wants to hurt. He wants to pay for what he did, or what he didn’t do. He was the one that tried to revive her but failed in last week’s episode. He was also the one who did not believe Nic when she came to him about Lane, and Nic makes him feel it.

“He is punishing himself. He’ll keep walking on it until it snaps.” -Devon

Nic is mad at Conrad. This can be felt throughout the whole episode, but it’s also easy to see that she is also mad at herself. She left the hospital, she left Lily, and now the girl is dead. She is taking it hard and mostly, she’s taking it out on Conrad. She just can’t deal with him, while she doesn’t actually verbalize it, it’s easy to assume she blames him. Do you think she is right to?

Out of the three musketeers, Devon seems to be the one that takes it the least hard, but he was also the one that has known Lily the least amount of time, so I guess it makes sense. I know I am always pounding on him, but I thought he could have felt a little worse for wear. He wasn’t torn up about Lily much, but at least he was there for Conrad, even when Conrad didn’t want him to.

While suffering through his sprained ankle, Conrad treats his old mentor, a neurosurgeon who is seeing ghosts of past patients. Just like the trio, she is feeling the guilt about the lives she couldn’t save. She sees her dead patients everywhere, and they can’t find a medical reason why she would be, until they stumble upon a depression. She is depressed, thinking that her life is over. I’ll say it though, if she only lost about a dozen of patients, I’m guessing she’s incredible surgeon. The heart to heart between her and Conrad was touching. There were a lot of parallels between Dr. Jacobey and Conrad. Once Jacobey finally forgave herself, they disappeared. Conrad on the other hand, by the end of the episode, starts to see Lily. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

“It sounds like a perfect way to let go of the past. Look forward with purpose.” -Conrad

Lane is a great comedian; she can play with even the best of them. She’s playing her cards right, cozying up to Bell. They will definitely make a formidable pair. When she willingly agrees to the autopsy on Lily it makes the other extremely suspicion. It’s easy to see where this is going for us, but right now, for the characters, it’s not. In my opinion, I feel like the storyline could have benefited from a little bit more mystery surrounding this, but it’s still the best storyline on the show.

This episode also seemed to be the end for Jude, therefore, the end of that god awful love triangle. It doesn’t end well for the surgeon when he steps in on Bell’s VIP client’s surgery after Mr. Zo wakes up from surgery bleeding internally. It bruised some egos, and bruised egos make for some powerful enemies. Bell assures Jude that he is done at the hospital, and Jude believes him, already planning out his next adventure. He stayed at Chastain for the wrong reasons. At least he is not making the same mistake again. By the end of the episode, Conrad and Nic get closer again. Is that going to last? That’s still up in the air.

All in all, this episode was really great, really great. I absolutely enjoy this show.

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