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The Originals - One Wrong Turn on Bourbon - Review

This week on The Originals, Klaus returns to New Orleans and seems to be bringing a bunch of snakes with him. He and Hope finally see each other for the first time in 5 years. Freya pushes Keelin away. Vincent goes to Ivy for help. Josh and Marcel deal with Henry, imprisoning him, but then someone kills him anyway. They figure out Hope was the one who kidnapped Hayley to bring Klaus back but something else has happened to Hayley, something violent. 

So grounded: I’ve seen enough TV shows to know what teenage rebellion is, but kidnapping your mom takes it to a whole new level. But seriously, my first thought was “she’s such a Mikaelson.”, because this is totally something Klaus would do and has done several times. But I get where she’s coming from, even though I do not agree with her methods. Looking at it from her point of view, she doesn’t really know Klaus as well as we do. She barely spent a year with him before they were separated again. And even in that time, Klaus made sure to keep his dark side hidden. She thinks Klaus has been avoiding her all this time because he doesn’t love her anymore. While we know that he was avoiding her because he loves her so much, he doesn’t want to ruin her the way his parents ruined him. He doesn’t hate her, he hates himself. The look on Hope’s face when Klaus told her he did love her said it all. She really needed to hear those words in the past 5 years. 

Ouch: Speaking of which, last week I said I wanted to know what happened 5 years ago that would make Klaus stop talking to his daughter. This wasn’t really what I imagined, but it all makes sense now. Of course, mini Hope (loved seeing Summer again, btw) would try to find magical ways to see her dad. Because it’s not like Skype is a thing. Her mini grimoire was adorable. But she did have some terrible timing. This happened about two years after last season’s finale, so Klaus has had plenty of time to go down the dark road we saw him on last week. Anyone remember how freaked out Hope was when she got a glimpse of Elijah’s dark side? Well, she got more than a glimpse now. But I actually have a feeling that Hope got past it faster than Klaus might think since she never stopped reaching out to him. But Klaus on the other hand, oh boy. If you look up shame in the dictionary, his reaction to seeing her there would be what you found. Because in that moment, he was everything he hated, he was Mikael. It’s no wonder he stopped calling her. I’m guessing he went through quite the downward spiral after this, and with no one there to talk him down (like his siblings) we end up 5 years later with a broken relationship that is going to need a lot of help mending. 

Typical Mikaelson: Speaking of typical Mikaelson behavior. By now I should know that when a couple is happy, something is about to ruin it. And no one self-sabotages better than a Mikaelson. To love someone but be so afraid that they’ll get hurt that you push them away. And of course, this is what Freya did. I get why she wants Keelin to leave, it’s literally raining blood. New Orleans is about to become a war zone in 2 different ways (actual war and dark magic war). And yeah, Keelin would’ve probably stuck around not wanting to leave Freya behind. But I still hate that they parted like this. I really hope this doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing Keelin again for weeks. 

Uuuhm: So, maybe I’m crazy, but Henry’s punishment seemed a bit cruel. Sure, if he were human he would be going to jail (though as a minor, even that's not a given). But jail isn’t the same as being trapped behind a brick while in the dark with no contact for years while slowly and painfully starving. How the hell was he supposed to come out of that with his sanity intact? How is this going to fix anything? And how is it possible for anyone to just walk in there and kill Henry? It’s not a secret that I haven’t been a huge fan of Marcel lately. Mainly because I don’t agree with his actions. Josh has maintained peace for 7 years, he’ s been in charge. Now suddenly Marcel is back, calling himself king of New Orleans, and now there a kid’s dead body swinging from a balcony. I had actually forgotten that Marcel was a no longer a regular vampire, not sure why considering it was a pretty big plot point, but his new status probably didn’t help much either. The only time I supported his decision this week was where Hope was concerned. I get that the vampires are scared of more hybrids, but it almost felt like they were ready to run her out of town (which would start a whole new war). Sure, she needs some rules (especially after these last 2 weeks) but she, like Henry, is just a kid. She deserves time to learn. 
Shady: Yeah, I don’t trust Roman. I’m not saying he’s part of some evil conspiracy or anything. I’m just saying I don’t trust his intentions. Suddenly he cares about Henry being dead after he let his friends bully him. And he came all the way to New Orleans for that. Yeah, nope, that guy has ulterior motives. And Hope was right to tell him to leave when Klaus got back but he would’ve figured out exactly what that guy wanted from his 15-year-old daughter. Do I need to draw you a picture? 

Love is in the air: Vincent finally gets a new love interest, and I like her. He was totally crushing on her. But for me, the most important part is that they seem to be on the same level. He respects her, goes to her for guidance and help. She might not be the same type of witch as he is but she has a craft of her own. Through her cards, she can warn for what’s to come. And from the looks of it, it ain’t good. 

Best quotes: Josh: “If I die, no Tequila. No, I want wailing, sobbing in the streets and rainbow flags waving at half-mast.” 
Klaus: “Crashing a funeral, my favorite way to spend a Friday night.” 
Hope: “You have to go. He will literally wear your spine as a necklace. Leave!” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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