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The Good Fight - Day 457 - Advance Preview: "These Are Dangerous Times"

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In 'Day 457' Diane, Adrian and Julius represent a black officer who was left disabled in the line of duty during an undercover sting gone south. There to give evidence as a witness for the prosecution (Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart) is Kurt, which puts him right in Diane's path. With Tully in her life though, it remains to be seen whether Diane will choose to repair her relationship with Kurt, or whether she wants to be in a relationship with anyone at all. Unwilling to settle in their case, Solomon Waltzer decides to go to court with it but the evidence and arguments he introduces baffles and throws the prosecution, and Marissa and Jay are put to work to see whether Solomon is telling the truth or if he's trying to fabricate evidence to sway the jury.

The trial also includes the introduction of Megan Hilty to The Good Fight universe, which surely can't spell good things for either Kurt or Diane. Elsewhere, Diane may have even more problems as she tries to help Tully out of a situation with the law.

The trial between Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart and Chicago PD uncovers some evidence which may help the case of one of Jay's friends, Craig. The systematic bias against black people in America has lead to him having to serve a longer than normal sentence for a crime he committed, and now Jay is trying to reduce that with the help of Maia and Lucca. Both of the cases in this episode are actually really interesting and allow The Good Fight to look at new takes on some classic topics for them, and also leads to a bombshell being dropped.

Just a bit of a side note, but as we're now in the back half of this season, has anyone noticed how absent Liz has been to say Audra McDonald is a series regular? I feel like we've barely seen her and I expected a bit more when her casting was announced. It still doesn't detract from a great episode and what felt like a pretty solid Diane-centric chapter.

The Good Fight airs Sundays on CBS All Access. Do you enjoy when the show overtly showcases racism in society? How do you feel about Diane's storyline so far this season? Let me know in the comments.

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